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Wednesday, February 6, 2019


(Colin Penn)

“Does love have an age limit?” asks popular entertainer Colin Penn.

Of course not, and that’s why he is bringing a truckload of love to share the romance with his Valentine show, May I Be Your Valentine 2019?

“There are so many songs in the show that I’m sure that your special love song will feature on my programme. A high percentage of the world’s greatest songs revolve around love and romance, so it was easy to put together a wonderful programme of Valentine’s  most  romantic songs,” Penn says.

“I have some great Valentine’s anecdotes and some wickedly funny Valentine gags. If you have a partner, come and hold hands.  If not, let’s sing our way together down memory lane. There’ll be enough love for everybody so come along,” he adds.

May I Be Your Valentine 2019? Takes place on February 16, 2019, at 14h00 at St Olav’s Church, 214 St Thomas Road, Musgrave. Tickets R60 booked through Barbara on 072 147 8409 or 031 564 5135.