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Saturday, April 6, 2019


As a direct result of the recent Intellectual Property Arts conference held at the Alliance Francaise, DUrbanTV has taken the bold step to create ArtsStream, an arts-focused stream of programming as part of their online webTV channel.

Artstream's aim is to expose and promote the arts and assist with the upliftment of the image of local art and artists to the general public locally, nationally and internationally.

DUrbanTV Executive Producer, Doreen Theys said of the initiative, "Artists expose people to culture, culture attracts tourism and tourism brings in the people who ultimately buy and take home a part of our heritage in the form of a piece of art or craft work. Art is therefore vital to our local economy. The exposure that DurbanTV and ArtStream will enable the arts community to take its rightful place at the helm of Durban's efforts to promote itself and bring prosperity to its citizens. However, the business of art has to become a priority where Artists, galleries, and art businesses place real value on marketing themselves and their offerings. DUrbanTV is the ideal platform for them to do so."

By creating a dedicated DUrbanTV 'online Artspace' artists and galleries can now work with DUrbanTV to promote themselves, to nurture a renewed appreciation for Durban Art and tap into the internet as a market place through the creation of on-going video and Arts related social media content.

DUrbanTV has designed special DUrbanTV packages which will enable local arts-related businesses to support the ArtStream channel by taking advert space around the stream and DurbanTV's website and social media. In doing so the funds will be used to produce a variety of programming on the arts which will highlight the diversity and talent of the local arts community.

Special ArtsStream Package
Website Strip Advert placement - R1750 per week
Website Block Advert placement plus copy - R 1750 per week

Pre-Event Advert package @ R 3750 per two week period
(includes website block advert plus paid social media push through FB & Twitter)

Rates are negotiable for on-going bookings
(T&C's apply on all bookings)
For Ad bookings contact:

DurbanTV's regular monthly audience of over 50,000 South African viewers, is further bolstered by its international reach as an online channel, providing an opportunity for advertisers to reach specific-interest audiences worldwide.

DUrbanTV is prepared to offer preferential social media advertising rates and programme sponsorship opportunities to the arts business community in order to develop on-going partnerships to ensure that ArtStream becomes a powerful local and international marketing tool for the Durban arts community to develop audience appreciation for arts and grow a strong customer base for art and crafts from Durban and KwaZulu-Natal on a local and international level.

DUrbanTV, SA's first streamcasting TV channel was developed as a result of the merging of the worldwide internet and Television industry environments.

The channel focuses on creating positive programming covering Durban and KwaZulu Natal, with Durban being the central point of reference for arts, culture, tourism, sport, and business development.

The channel has successfully worked with clients such as Innovate Durban, Durban Invest, the Durban Film & KZN Film Offices, Durban Tourism, and eThekwini Communications office to promote various city initiatives and to produce a variety of programming.

National advertisers and programme sponsors have included Bridgestone and Mutual & Federal, whilst local business entities such as Illovo, Engen 45th Cutting, PowerKing Racing, The Holiday Train & Events amongst others, have all gained from marketing exposure on the channel.

DUrbanTV is also directly linked with TVBrics, the official channel of the Bric's countries of Brazil, Russia, India, China & SA and, has also recently affiliated to a Los Angeles based online video content library who will soon begin distributing DUrbanTV's content to other worldwide online news and social media video content providers, adding to the exposure for all of DurbanTV's content globally.

DUrbanTV can be viewed at