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Saturday, April 6, 2019


(South Africa’s Nick Boraine & Jy Prishkulnik with crew during shooting)

As we affirm women across the globe honouring International Women’s Day on March 8, we applaud the team who birthed Escala - a carefully-crafted multi-award-winning US-made short film which boasts a 100% female crew … (and five South Africans!) and has been officially selected for six international film festivals since its world premiere in July last year.

Three South African women have been instrumental in the creation of Escala: editor Eileen de Klerk, co-writer Tammy-Anne Fortuin and sound designer and music editor Reanne de Klerk.

Durban-born Reanne de Klerk has been playing music since the age of five. She has performed with the KZN Philharmonic Orchestra; Night of 100 Stars; KickstArt’s productions of Cabaret and Chicago, Platform Jazz, and Pastiche Jazz Orchestra. Now based in Los Angeles, she is a composer, sound designer, music editor and assistant editor for features, short films and TV series and is currently working on the Warner Bros Studios Lot. De Klerk is also currently working on a solo album with South African composer Anthony Costandius – once the album is recorded, she will premiere the album with a concert tour throughout South Africa.

In September Escala was screened at the Tops Shorts International Film Festival. At the festival, the film walked away with three accolades: Eileen de Klerk was winner of the award for Best Editing, Reanne de Klerk won Honourable Mention for sound design. Winning the Inspiring Woman in a Film category was Jy Prishkulnik, who played Amalia in the film.

Escala tells the story of Amalia, a teenage violinist torn between tolerating the inappropriate advances from her music instructor and winning the competition of a lifetime to change the future for her and her father. It features South Africa’s Nick Boraine as Dereck; James C Burns as Gustav and Jy Prishkulnik as Amalia.

Reanne de Klerk concurs. “For us as South Africans working really hard to develop careers in the hugely competitive American film market, we are especially chuffed to have our film, and in particular our individual contributions to the film, being so affirmed by the global film industry.”  

“It is reassuring that South Africans – and in particular South African women – can find their place in the global marketplace. Our experience and journey in South Africa have set us up to allow us to do what we love with like-minded creatives who have amazing skills, tenacity, vision and commitment to make great work.”

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