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Wednesday, April 10, 2019


(Abraham Mennen)

In association with Concerts SA, SA-born / US-based saxophonist Abraham Mennen presents The Really Revered Whole Story Tour.

With live music performances happening across South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland, The Really Revered Whole Story Tour promotes the second studio album by saxophonist Abraham Mennen featuring all-original compositions.

Mennen says “The Really Revered Whole Story is about pursuing the fullest understanding of something. We are fed lies every day from outside and within ourselves. It is important to know and understand and see from every depth and angle. I try to pursue this with my music/compositions and every performance.”

The compositions and style of Mennen’s sophomore album draws from several rich musical traditions; South African jazz and traditional music, American jazz traditions, free jazz and experimental sounds and textures.

Mennen’s music often employs complex rhythmical schemes and illusions, rich harmonies as well as innovative group improvisation scenarios, all anchored by a strong rhythmical groove and drive throughout the music.

“Each song from the album was composed with a certain role in mind. Some songs get you moving, some evoke the feelings of a space held dear and some just chill out. The songs are vehicles and we like to fly with them. Each performance is different – we can take whichever direction feels right in the moment and we like exploring new ones. It is important to let the music be free to do its thing rather than keep a leash on it. So the energy the audience brings is very important as that’s our fuel.”

Leading on the saxophones, Abraham Mennen’s touring quartet includes the same young jazz luminaries that perform on the studio album: Reza Khota on guitar, Ariel Zamonsky on double bass and Claude Cozens on drums (with Siphiwe Shiburi on selected dates). The tour artwork replicates the cover of the album, designed by Grant Jurius.

“With so many variables to how we tell the story, the musicians’ line-up is everything. We need to trust each other, know each other and of course really enjoy what the other musicians bring to the game. I love bringing pure fire to this music with these master storytellers.”

Mennen performs regularly in New York and throughout South Africa. He has recorded three albums under his own name, with the latest two albums released in December 2018, namely The Really Revered Whole Story, and Three Improvisations.

Abraham Mennen’s The Really Revered Whole Story Tour is supported by Concerts SA through the Music Mobility Fund, a funding mechanism which offers opportunities for South African musicians to undertake live music tours.

The Durban performance takes place on April 13, 2019, at 16h00 at the Rainbow Restaurant. There is no cover charge. The Rainbow Restaurant is situated at 23 Stanfield Lane, Pinetown. Contact 031 702 9161 or or visit

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