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Saturday, May 4, 2019


(Thembi Mtshali will be honoured guest at the opening)
From May 23 to 26, 2019, the K-CAP’s Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre is presenting its annual event of Afrika Motherland Festival (AMF) now in its sixth year and celebrating Africa Month at the community level.

This successful event is an initiative of Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre, a unique facility in Kwa Mashu now 16 years old.

This year’s theme is Refugees, Migrants and Displaced People.

AMF encourages South African youth in particular to know and appreciate their own continent, its heritage, richness and people.

Through the Africa Motherland Festival, activities that run for four days, where communities are reminded of who they are, where they come from and about the rich African civilisations that gave unforgettable gains to the world’s civilisations.

Africa Motherland Festival reminds people about the Great Civilizations of Ethiopia (Axum), Ashanti, Egypt, Timbuktu (Mali) and Monomotapa (Great Zimbabwe) Southern Africa. Africa Motherland Festival is celebrated through unique festivities of theatre, diverse music, dance, poetry, food, craft and film.

May is Africa month cherished in the whole continent of Africa and African Diaspora. Many African communities around the world celebrate Africa Day. It is a permanent mass institution worldwide and the day is observed - through events that include socio-cultural activities. Celebration of Africa Day has been celebrated annually since 1963 on May 25, which commemorates the establishment of the African Union (AU), and the former Organisation of African Unity. It was set up to acknowledge and celebrate Africa’s history, heritage and culture.

It is for these reasons that K-CAP, through its Ekhaya Multi Arts Centre, initiated this historic programme in the heart of the Kwa Mashu Township. Activities to take place during this festival

May 23: Opening night of the festival. KCAP will be hosting honourable guests from different organisations and cultural backgrounds who will be part of the audience that will be engaging with living legends such as a renowned South African actress, singer, storyteller and TV personality Thembi Mtshali among others. She will be engaging with audience reflecting on a special documentary that will be screened on this day.

(Ntokozo Ngcobo)

May 24: KCAP will have seminars around the question of Refugees, Migrants and Displaced People and also Ntokozo Ngcobo popularly known as “Princess Nandi” will be launching her collection of poetry titled Amaloba.

May 25: Africa Day. KCAP will be hosting different activities, outside stage for music poetry and dance. Also there will be a free expo for fashion, craft, visual art, food and jewellery and many more. Children and senior citizens who will engage each other through indigenous games, story-telling and the day will end with more theatre plays.

May 26: A day for a special craft workshop and movie screenings. There will be film screenings looking at the 25 years of democracy.

For further information contact Thobile Ximba on 031 504 6970, email or visit