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Thursday, May 16, 2019


(“Miss Strawberry Crème” by Angelika Anastasis)

The Blue Caterpillar Gallery in Pietermaritzburg is currently hosting an exhibition of new work by Angelika Anastasis.

Anastasis is an artist, writer and also a ceramic artist. She enjoys colour and thought-provoking pieces, it was this aspect that recently won her the 2017 KZN Regional award for Ceramics South Africa for ceramic portrait work exhibited at the KZNSA Gallery in Durban. She works in mixed media which allows her to adapt each painting to how she wants to shape that particular painting. She is inspired by women focusing on their strengths, and their vulnerabilities. She has exhibited locally and sells internationally.

She also writes stories that explain her art and bring about the philosophy behind them. Her artwork is influenced by her psychology background and she also received training as a hypnotherapist in the UK. Her creative side also helps her escape the everyday life and she also has learned the significance of symbols seeing them as hints of one’s own intuition to take direction.

About her work, Ms Magnolia, the artist says: “There is something powerful about her silence and her peace. She must be silent because she is listening. The gentleness of the flowers don't distract her, she is not listening to the forest or to people, so what is she listening to? It's the sound of her own strength, the part of her that doesn't need to take a cue from others,  a person of strength defines themselves through their ability to to trust in their intuition and stand on their own if they need to. But she needs to be careful not to isolate herself, she needs fodder from others, she needs their  thoughts, views and information, but she must never lose the sound of our own heart. This is our core.

(“Athena” by Angelika Anastasis)

About her work, Athena, the artist says: “Inspired by my aunt Athena. Recently I was thinking about the women in my life that I love and the ones I love most, with that "I'm in awe of who you are" kind of way are women who have many layers. Most are strong women who live life with gratitude and passion and who show their flaws, (which we laugh at), their realness and their vulnerability.

It's the multidimensionality of their layers that evokes the love, because a woman who can allow herself to be real can appreciate the essence in another without needing her to fit inside a box. Thank you to the women who define themselves and free others in the process.”

The Angelika Anastasis exhibition runs until the end of August. Times for the gallery are the same as the business hours for Butterflies for Africa.

Visit to see the work that is available as well as the ‘story’ behind each painting.

The Blue Caterpillar Gallery is situated at the Butterflies for Africa complex at 37 Willowton Road in Pietermaritzburg. Gallery hours are Tuesday to Friday from 09h00 to 15h30, Saturdays 09h30 to 15h30 and Sundays 10h30 to 15h30.

More information from Jeni Cramer on 033 387 1356 or email or visit