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Thursday, May 16, 2019


Deadline for applications: June 14, 2019, by 16h00.

The Centre for Creative Arts (UKZN) will present the JOMBA Contemporary Dance Experience Youth Fringe on September 1, 2019 at 14h00.

The event takes place in the UKZN’s Open Air Theatre (UKZN, Howard College Campus)**.

**please note:  there are no dance mats and the floor surface is slasto

The JOMBA! YOUTH FRINGE is open to dancers under the age of 16 years old. It is a support initiative for the various ‘Dance Development’ projects operating in KwaZulu-Natal and provides a space to celebrate the up-and-coming generation of young contemporary dancers and dance practitioners.

The JOMBA! YOUTH FRINGE has access to limited resources, and therefore applicants should be aware that the event usually takes place in a designated community hall or open air space and as such has no ‘black out’ capacity. To this end, a sound system (CD operated, AUDIO formatted – NOT MP3/MP4, also no cell phones/ipods/ipads) is provided (there are no ‘main tabs’; AV or smoke machine facilities, and there are no dance mats provided).

The JOMBA! YOUTH FRINGE is not a dance competition, there are no awards/rewards offered to participants. The JOMBA! YOUTH FRINGE is free-of-charge for participants and the public alike.

Works submitted for consideration should not exceed a 6-minute duration (please do adhere to this time-frame). Works that do exceed a 6-minute duration will not be considered, and the Jomba! production team reserves the right to omit works from the performance programme should they not adhere to this time duration.

The JOMBA! YOUTH FRINGE committee welcomes contemporary, traditional and popular dance forms onto its platform.

Depending on budgets, the JOMBA! Festival will supply a small transport honorarium of R300 (three hundred rand only) to each group who participates – this is to be confirmed!  If, however your group does not require this, please do inform the organisers beforehand.


Please supply the following information should you wish to submit an application for consideration. 

Only applications completed on this application form format will be considered. Please note that incomplete applications will NOT be considered:

1.Name of choreographer and dance group/project:

2. Contact details of choreographer/group leader (please ensure that the details you supply are ones that you regularly access – as far as is possible, e-mail is the preferable means of communication):

3. Background/Brief history of the dance group/project:

4. Full Names & ages of ALL performers/participants (please ensure that you supply the names of each participant and their age):

5. Total number of people involved in the performance (this is for catering purposes, JOMBA! will cater based on the numbers provided so please ensure that you are accurate here, as they will only provide catering for the total number allocated on this application form):

6. Where is the group located?

7. What style of dance does the group perform?

8. Title and short description of the proposed work:

9.Total length of the work (ensure that it does not exceed a 6-minute duration):

Deadline for Applications is June 14, 2019, by 16h00. Email completed answers to Clare Craighead

Late applications will not be accepted

NB: JOMBA! will request you to email your music tracks to them by Monday, August 26, 2019. This will ensure that they have your tracks and if there are any issues in terms of playback, they will be able to address these prior to the commencement of Youth Fringe rehearsals.

For enquiries contact Clare Craighead – during office hours only on 082 875 6065 or preferably at