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Wednesday, May 15, 2019


“Everyone has an image of America: a land of big shops, bright lights and asphalt highways stretching right across the continent. But there is another America – and I set out to find it.” - Martin Clunes

Well-known actor Martin Clunes embarks on an epic journey around the coast of America to discover what life is like on the surrounding islands for Islands of America, a new documentary series that starts on ITV Choice (DStv 123) on Thursday, May 23, 2019, at 20h00.

Following the successful series on the Islands of Britain and Islands of Australia, Clunes has developed a fascination for the unique quality and appeal of island life, often in the most remote places on the planet.

This time he sets off on a 16,000 kilometre journey, from the west to the east, to explore the vast swathe of islands which are scattered beyond America’s shores. He travels from Hawaii’s islands of fire and Alaska’s islands of snow and ice, to the playgrounds of presidents off the New England coast.

Clunes says: “I wanted to look beyond corporate America and discover the other United States, out past the mainland margins, and what life is like on these unique and diverse islands.

“On this island journey I meet men and women who’ve lived through many of nature’s worst extremes. And it seems one thing they all share is a profound wisdom about these challenges.”

During the four-part series Clunes visits Hawaii, Molokai, Alaska, the San Juan Islands, the Channel Islands National Park, Avery Island which sits inland from the Gulf of Mexico, Delacroix Island, the colourful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, the Sea Islands along the coast of Georgia, Sapelo Island, the quiet island backwater of Chincoteague, Manhattan Island, Ellis Island, Coney Island and Martha’s Vineyard, playground for the wealthy.

The final place on Clunes' epic island journey is Maine, America’s most easterly state, with hundreds of islands off its coast. The Isle au Haut is his last island stop where Clunes meets the children from the island’s primary school to discover what life is like for them on this isolated community.

Clunes concludes: “It seems right to finish my journey here with these children – they’re the future of this island. And seeing them enjoy the simple pleasures of island life will stay with me for a very long time.”

Martin Clunes: Islands of America can be seen on ITV Choice (DStv 123) on May 23, at 20h00.