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Monday, May 13, 2019


(Rahul R. Vellal - 11 years old)

International Indian Classical Singer Comes to Durban

Rahul Vellal and Smt Kamani Moodley
Master, 11 years old, son

The origins of Indian music are traced to prehistoric antiquity.  Concert music in South India is called Karnataka Sangitam (“Karnatic or Carnatic music” in English). Its history gains clear contours from the renaissance period which, in South India, had its centre in the Vijayanagar empire (1336-1565).

The role of music in South Indian Society, Western categorizations such as “classical” and “folk” music are not helpful in the context of Indian music because traditional and modern, codified (marga) and regional (deshi) styles have often been blended to enhance its emotional appeal.

Religion is an integral part of daily life in Indian Music and therefore most Indian music is also regarded as being sacred. For most Indians, music is a means of distraction from daily worries, a form of entertainment among others. Although the mass media (cinema, radio, television) have changed popular tastes and introduced many foreign and modern elements, Classical Carnatic music has remained unmistakably South Indian in character and temperament. The idea of an individual and permanent artistic “work” is still not very important in India. Perhaps it does not relate to prevailing philosophies about the nature of the universe and man’s role in the scheme of evolution. More important, therefore, than the reproduction of a finished work is the understanding of stylistic principles underlying traditional music.

This May, The Multicultural Academy of South Africa under the leadership of Guru Srimathi Kamani Moodley in association with the Swami Vivekanand Cultural Centre, The Consulate General of India, Durban for the pleasure of the Indian Music Community a series of concerts to the City of Durban.

Headlining the concerts is Master Rahul R Vellal, 11 years old, son of Sri Ravishankar Vellal and Srimathi  Hema.Suryanarayan. He started learning Carnatic Classical Music at the age of 4 years and is currently learning from Vidwan Kalavathy Avadhoot (Vocals) and Mridhingam (Indian Drum) from Vidwan Kulur U Jayachandra Rao, also the Western Piano at Trinity School of Music, London with Sri. Abhishek.N.

Rahul Vellal is studying sixth standard in Carmel School. Along with his yearning for music, Rahul also excels in his academics. He has also been awarded “Bharata Ratna M S SubbuLakshmi Fellowship 2018” for Carnatic Vocal, presented by the Honourable Vice President of India, Shri Venkaiah Naidu in September 2018. He is also the recipient of CCRT National Level Scholarship for Carnatic Music Vocal, from Central Government of India and he has sung in seven musical videos, Paluke Anagrammatic, Vaishnav Janato, Pibare Rama Rasam, Brahmam Okate, Shivashtakam, Mahalakshmi Ashtakam & Ram Govind Hare for the renowned music director, Kuldeep M Pai from Chennai, which have been released worldwide on YouTube, which have collectively crossed over 2.2 CRORE views to date.

Violinist -Srimathi Kalyani Shankar’s passion for the violin started in the days when she was an avid listener of Lalgudi Jayaraman. Observing her keen interest, she was put under the tutelage of Sangeethabhushanam Shri T.S.Krishnaswamy of Sri Shanmukananda Fine Arts and Sangeetha Sabha. She has accompanied top ranking artistes like Shri Balamuralikrishna, Smt.Mani Krishnaswamy, Chitraveena Ravi Kiran, Bombay Sisters, Sudha Raghunathan, Bombay Jayashri, and Nityashree Mahadevan. Both a vocalist and violinist, she effortlessly brings the Gayaki style in her violin playing and is popular for her anusaranai technique. Mridhingam – Sri  Sivanthan Pillay (SA) Student of Late Sri Pregalathan Sinagram  & Thabla - Sri Kesavan Sashan Pillay – Student of Sivanathan Pillay The Multicultural Academy of South Africa registered as a non-profit institution for the promotion of arts, culture and music, nurturing young talent.

On May 17 at 18h30, a Devotional concert with semi classical music will be hosted at the Umgeni Road Temple in Durban. For tickets contact Kamani Moodley on 074 860 4683 or Dev on 074 860 4682. A Free music workshop will be held at the Mind Body Spirit Wellbeing Festival on May 18 at 10h30 at Wave Park Gateway for all children to interact with the child prodigy Rahul Velall.

The Andhra Maha Sabha of South Africa will present the annual Thyagaraja Aradhana rendition of Swami Thyagaraja Kirtanas - Swami Thyagaraja Music festival, at the Kendra Hall in Durban, on May 19 at 14h00 with a free concert with the return from India with South African Dancer Niveshan Munsamy on a solo Kuchipudi Dance performance, Narthana Ullasa.

For more information on the concerts contact Kamini Moodley on 074 860 4683.