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Saturday, June 1, 2019


The final programme in the ITV Choice Royal Season 2019 programme is Her Majesty's Cavalry, a six-part-series that starts on June 12 at 20h00. The show follows the oldest and most recognisable regiment of the British Army, The Household Cavalry, in a year of dramatic change. From riding horses at the Royal Wedding, to riding tanks across the Middle East, cameras were allowed inside to see what life is really like for the soldiers, from the newest recruits to the most decorated officers.

In the first episode we go behind the scenes of the Household Cavalry’s prestigious Knightsbridge barracks, to see the stables in which hundreds of soldiers and horses live side by side.

We meet the regiment’s newest recruits on their first day of training. Most of these new troopers have never been anywhere near a horse before. Now they must prove themselves worthy of joining the regiment most admired for their equine skills.

We follow the rise and falls as they attempt to canter for the first time, on the enormous cavalry blacks. We also follow the regiment as they practice for the annual Queen’s Birthday Parade, for which only perfection will do.

We also witness the other side of the cavalry, as the armoured division is responsible for taking the entire British Army into the future, writing the rule book for the newest, most state-of-the-art armoured fighting vehicle that is about to change the face of modern warfare.

Her Majesty's Cavalry will screen on ITV Choice (DStv 123) just over a week after it premieres in the UK on June 4.