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Monday, June 24, 2019


Closing date: August 5, 2019

Just over five years ago (2013) the “Breakfast Club” at St Clements ran a short story competition. More than 100 stories were submitted, from which 50 stories were selected and included in a booklet entitled Le petit dejeuner.

The competition was so popular that it was repeated in the following three years le petit dejeuner 1, 2 3. This year (2019) the competition will be resurrected.

National Short Story Day: In celebration of the shortest day of the year which falls on, or about June 21, 2019, the Mondays at St Clements programme follows  the lead of a UK-wide celebration with the same name; an initiative aimed at promoting fiction in its succinct form, focusing on South African writing that lends itself to this tradition.

Short Story Competition Requirements:
-Length: 100 words (excluding title)
-Entries by email to
-State author’s name and wordcount.
-Use large font: eg. Times New Roman, 14 pt.
-Author of winning story will receive a presentation box of Estate wine (two bottles).

There will also be an award for the most ‘quirky’ story. Stories will be adjudicated by Graham Linscott, “The Idler” on The Mercury newspaper. Author’s names will be deleted for adjudication.

Closing date is Monday, August 5, 2019.

All stories will be read (if possible by the authors) on Monday, September 2, 2019.