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Monday, June 10, 2019


(Left: Martin Clunes)

Warren, an original six part comedy series that starts on ITV Choice (Channel 123) on June 20 at 20h00, centres around the life of Warren Thompson (Martin Clunes), a pedantic driving instructor who thinks the world is against him. He's living in an area he doesn’t like, doing a job he’s not emotionally cut-out for and looking after two teenage stepsons he never wanted.

Never blessed with any sort of patience or a paternal instinct, Warren just wants an easy life. He’s happy with a clean house, a neat garden and a nice cup of tea. But thanks to his naturally difficult personality, he is constantly finding himself in sticky situations. He’s always making life hard for himself and often on the verge of losing it. There are no happy endings for Warren as he grapples against the problems and misunderstandings of his own making.

Martin Clunes answers a few questions about the new series:.

What’s your character like?
He’s vile, he’s really rude, self-serving and self-interested but he does love his missus Anne. I think that’s his saving grace. He’s got these unwanted step children who he just tries to work to his advantage, he tries to work everyone to his advantage.

Was it fun to play a character like that?
Yes absolutely, with knobs on! 

Warren can be quite a grumpy character, do you share any of those traits?
[laughs] I’m sure, it’s got to come from somewhere in me. 

Do you prefer comedy or drama?
I like them both; I like comedy, I like drama, I like presenting, I’m very lucky to work on a variety of shows. On Doc Martin I get to do both, the medical side of things which is serious and sometimes life threatening … and then he walks into a door frame!

Has playing a driving instructor brought back any memories of your own driving test?
Actually no, because I never had any lessons and I passed first time. I don’t think the test then was as hard as it is now.