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Sunday, July 14, 2019


(2019 Core company members of Danceworx KZN Theatre Dance Company)

I was overcome with delight to see so many budding artists take the stage and provide quite an enthusiastic and entertaining endeavour.  (Review by Verne Rowin Munsamy)

Dancing on the souls of our feet.

Danceworx KZN Theatre Dance Company presented The Dancing Princesses in the Playhouse Drama in Durban over this weekend. This was not your everyday dance academy showcase as the dancing, in every shape and form, was woven together with a storyline that seemed to keep the audience engaged for the duration of the show.

The story follows 12 Princesses who are suddenly devastated when their evil cousin comes to help the Queen discipline and mould these young princesses into model Queens.

Unbeknownst to them, their evil cousin Roweena, had plans to steal the throne as she sets out to poison the Queen and trap the Princesses. Their only escape is a magical world of dance. Along the way, we have the usual charming relationship between the eldest princess and a cobbler. In the end it all works out with the evil Roweena getting her comeuppance.

I was rather impressed by these young performers as they danced their hearts off. I felt that the singing and acting were not on the same standard as the dancing and that two and a half hours might have been a far stretch for the novice theatre performers. The energy seemed to fade towards to middle of the second half and the rhythm stagnated. However, hats off to this squad for giving it their all.

I was entertained by the poised Queen, the Evil Roweena, the mischievous Monkey and the character of Desdemona. The 12 Princesses did well to show why they were the leads. Aside from this, I marvelled in the many side dance pieces that were introduced into the story, they were a good device to have each style, from Flamenco, Tap, Ballet and Hip Hop to Contemporary Jazz, as well as every student an opportunity to enjoy the stage.

The music choices were quite eclectic, ranging from classical to modern, and the song choices had some unique twists to them, all suiting the theme of the play. The simple set made use of some exciting adages like the beadwork chandeliers, the hanging mesh garden and the metal wire tree with pink flowers.

Some set changes were a little too long but these you smooth over as the show progressed. I was overcome with delight to see so many budding artists take the stage and provide quite an enthusiastic and entertaining endeavour. Well done to all. - Verne Rowin Munsamy