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Tuesday, August 20, 2019


(The King of Broken Things)

There is a little venue at the Hilton Arts Festival with a whole heap of magic going on for all children under the age of 95!

Be sure to be a part of the world created by a team of magical theatre makers from Durban:  Michael Taylor-Broderick, Bryan Hiles, Cara Roberts and Straw Nzimande. Nobody is too old or too young to be there and there are five different wonderful stories to be a part of.

Theatresmiths present The King of Broken Things, The Forgotten Years of Donald K Pumkin and The Place of Small Miracles.

The world does its best to break everyone and everything, but afterwards, most things are stronger in their broken places. The King of Broken Things is an adventurous and magical excursion into the rehabilitation of broken and discarded objects, hearts included. This bittersweet journey, viewed through the unfiltered mind of a child, wise beyond his years, will, whether you’re 7 or 87, rehabilitates every heart. An ingenious mix of old school theatre magic and modern technology brings this enchanting tale to life in the most endearing way imaginable.

(The Forgotten Years of Donald K Pumkin)

Join Donald K. Pumkin, reluctant philosopher and a genuine 21st century Don Quixote, as he journeys through his lost and forgotten years while attempting to sell you a vacuum cleaner. 

The Forgotten Years of  Donald K Pumkin is a story that reveals how important it is bravely to obey your heart, fearlessly to pursue your dreams, in a world that prefers the normal, predictable ones over the romantics. How missing your calling in life is far more hazardous than missing the school bus...

Between the wild things and the big yellow-faced moon there are happenings beyond our loftiest dreams. They say that The Place of Small Miracles lies somewhere between 37 degrees North and 43 degrees South and for those that seek it, there is the promise that magic exists under every footfall, all you need is a map, a mountain range and a piggy-bank. 

 (The Place of Small Miracles)

Mysterious lands and infinite imaginings await those who dare to climb through the fences of their perception. Join the Theatresmiths on their expedition to find The Place of Small Miracles, they promise that with the help of puppetry, theatrics and clever trickery they will bring you safely back home.

Beware Hilton! There is a grumpy old grandpa on the loose! Grandpa Grump has lost his imagination! Join him on his mammoth quest to find it again and become SUPERGRUMP! He must rescue the rag doll, Molly; a special surprise for his granddaughter on her 6th birthday. To do so, he must face the many challenges that lie waiting in his Junkshop. Meet the terrifying Dustbin Monster, the nutty Cuckoo in the Cuckoo Clock, take a trip to the moon and back and appease the Smelly Sock Snake before scaring away the enormous and frightening Broomstick Dragon! 

(Grandpa Grump and the Magical Junkshop)

Written by Neil Coppen, directed by Bryan Hiles and starring Straw Nzimande, Grandpa Grump and the Magical Junkshop is the perfect festival delight for children of all ages, 4 to 400!

Based on an old Russian folk tale, a little old man (grumpy old geezer!) and a little old woman (nagging old bat!) hate the sight of each other!

One day the little old man determines to grow the largest turnip in the world to prove he is the best gardener ever! The Old Geezer and the Old Bat must then set about trying to pull it out of the ground. Hilarity ensues as they, with the help of the audience, finally learn to work together.

With aspects of mime, mask, Commedia del’ Arte and warped imagination, this tale will take you into the depths of the deep, dark woods and back!

 (The Great Big Enormous Turnip)

The Great Big Enormous Turnip is a 45-minute romp through said woods and warped minds, written by Peter Court of Creative Madness and co-directed by him and Bryan Hiles who have delighted audiences with other stories such as A Froggy Fairytale, Rumpelstiltskin and A Mariner’s Tale. Performed by Bryan Hiles and Cara Roberts. Suitable for kids aged 3 to 12!

The Hilton Arts Festival, now in its 27th year, takes place from September 13 to 15, 2019. 

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The Hilton Arts Festival is presented by Hilton College and tiso black star in association with: Grindrod Bank , Black Coffee Design, Extreme Events, DWR , ABSA, Bidvest Car Rental, KZN Dept of Arts & Culture , FNB, Stella Artois, BASA, Southern Sun PMB, Redlands Hotel, Maritzburg Sun, the Caxton Group, SA Artist, Loud Crowd Media and Sappi.