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Friday, August 30, 2019


Centre for Creative Arts (University of KwaZulu-Natal) in collaboration with the Durban Art Gallery offers an invitation to JOMBA @ DAG to be held tomorrow (Saturday, August 31) at 18h00 in the Durban Art Gallery

The JOMBA! Festival – which celebrates its 21st edition in 2019 – is South Africa’s premier space for the growth and development of young Durban, KZN and South African dancers and choreographers and for bringing Durban audiences the global world of dance. JOMBA! is globally recognised as the premier African dance festival and, for artists participating, it has a reputation for being a serious and nurturing space for dance development. JOMBA!’s 21-year sustained history has put Durban on the global dance map!

JOMBA! 2019 will present its second year of collaboration with the Durban Art Gallery in a magnificent dance theatre and film event that is one of JOMBA’s ‘free events”


SOUTH-SOUTH: Dance on Screen - Curated by Sofía Castro (Argentina)
The young dancers and creators in these four short cinematic dance films, come from different corners within Argentina, and make a revolutionary statement against traditional audiovisual forms of "fiction", "documentary" and "experimental" cinema to depict dance that jumps off the stage and into the streets, taking the spaces they inhabit as their own through their moving manifestos.
A teaser of the films can be found at

hymn + them (New Orleans, USA) - Choreographer and Director: Leslie Scott - BODYART
Anybody who has swallowed the Wizard of Oz's scriptwriters’ notion that this is a work about the superiority of “home” over “away,” that the “moral” of Oz is as sickly-sweet “East, West, home’s best” – would do well to listen to the yearning in Judy Garland’s voice as her face tilts up toward the skies. What she embodies with the purity of an archetype, is the human dream of leaving. hymn + them is about the joys of going away, of leaving the greyness and entering the colour. Over the Rainbow is, or ought to be, the anthem of all the world’s migrants, all those who go in search of the place where the dreams really do come true.
“It is a celebration of Escape, a grand paean to the uprooted self, a hymn—the hymn—to Elsewhere” (Salman Rushdie).

JOMBA! 2019 continues its legacy of culturally connecting Durban and South Africa to the rest of the world through a shared space for supporting the meeting of some of Africa and the world’s most critical and profound dance makers.

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