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Thursday, August 1, 2019


The Durban Book Fair takes place on the first Sunday of every month at Mitchell Park in Durban. The aim is to promote local writers and give them a platform to market their work. The next book fair takes place on August 4, 2019.

Provisional Programme:

11h00 – 11h30: Sarita Mathur in conversation with Nicole Rimensberger (Author of Witchfield) and Cristy Zinn (author of Dreamer's Tears and Magic of Memory)

11h30 – 12h00: Launch of Awkward Energy by Matt Vend

12h00 – 12h30: Launch of Casbah to Candella - Those Days by Vino Govender

12h30 – 13h00: In conversation with Deepak Panday, author of Kings of Durban

13h00h- 13h30: Launch of Insights and Impressions of a Baratnathyam Dancer by Surekha Singh

13h30 – 14h30: Launch of Clobet Valley by Terisha Govender

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Durban Curry: This is Durban curry, continued ... a show which has been running since the 1860s, when the first indentured labourers came from India to work in the sugar cane plantations of then colonial Natal. They brought spices, and seeds, and recipes. And when inevitably, the influences and memories of the mother cuisine faded, Durban curry became its own thing. Recognisably different from its roots: redder, hotter. More tomatoes, more chillis. But growing in its new home-ground as it pleased. Varying from cook to cook, chef to chef.

Chatsworth by Pravasen Pillay: Chatsworth is Pillay's debut short fiction collection and consists of 11 stories set in the sprawling township of Chatsworth, Durban. The stories are populated mostly by working-class characters who all, in one way or the other, find themselves on the margins of their community. There is an elderly mother and her dependent obese daughter who must fend for themselves; an angst-filled 12-year-old girl who secretly chain smokes late at night; a tearful man who is incapable of passing his driving test; an albino girl who attains a fragile popularity in high school; a young woman who - against her father's wishes - falls in love with an immigrant; a seemingly placid pensioner who hides a shockingly violent side; and a pair of girls who bond over a love letter and hair bleach, among others. The stories present sensitive yet unsentimental portraits of these characters, in prose that is spare and unadorned. a remarkable ear for dialogue. Pillay additionally displays and faithfully captures much of the nuance of Durban-Indian English. Chatsworth is a gentle and moving book about growing up, different, but also about failing at adulthood.

Insights and Impressions of a Bharatanatyam Dancer: "This is a sumptuous and important book on this ancient art form. Singh skilfully weaves the gravitas of this classical and extremely demanding art form with the mercuric vitality of dance. The book is abundant with the detail and intricacy of Bharatanatyam and its powerful origins but manages to constantly remind the reader of the joy, effervescence and fluidity of a dance form that lives and thrives in so many parts of the world beyond India. Through well researched historic detail, some compelling and vivid storytelling, evocative poetry and an abundant use of impressionistic drawings and close-up photography, we are made to re-look at this ancient form with a startling, contemporary freshness." - Jay Pather, Associate Professor and Director, Institute for Creative Arts,

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