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Thursday, September 5, 2019


(Anele Nene, Jayshree Parasuramen & Warrick Frank)

No “fire-pool”? No problem! Use the Ocean!

Multi-award winning East Coast Radio (ECR) personality, acclaimed playwright and actress, Jayshree Parasuramen, returns to the stage in her own production once again. The explosive, crowd-pleasing and hilarious script titled Guptured, premiered this July

Guptured, a comedic satire, was created to unify audiences in the everyday political struggles they face. The bold script is fun and playful, recognising that through comedy, societies are able to converse more openly about the darker elements that plague them. The play gently looks at South Africa’s most recent political scandals relating to state capture, the Guptas and the latest concern, Eskom’s load shedding. It is delightfully effervescent, with a magnified performance from Durban’s local talent.

Guptured is a play that aims to educate, entertain and illuminate. We plan on ‘capturing’ audiences, by making fun of everyone including ourselves. It is also important for us as artists to use theatre as a platform for people to engage in meaningful entertainment. You laugh, you cry, you laugh some more and then you go home both enthused by what you saw and relieved that you are not alone in society’s perils,” said Parasuramen.

Parasuramen, together with mentee Denny Thaver and production manager Sandro Thaver, created the play which had a successful launch at the Sastri Academic and Conference Centre. The show is now on tour and will be in Merebank DAFTA Hall on September 14.

Parasuramen, who has been established in the arts for more than two decades, has had an enormous resume of successful projects at the state-owned Durban Playhouse Theatre. Her hit play Lenny previously received nightly standing ovations at the same venue.

The star cast includes Parasuramen and Warrick Frank who is an actor and CEO of the Warrick Frank Drama Academy. The play also welcomes talented Anele Nene who has performed in several local productions. Guptured also includes live music performed by Sandro Thaver and Lunga.  Sound and lighting is done by AK Azam Khans. 

The crew are enthusiastic about embarking on a national tour and welcome sponsors and other organisations, who would like to partner with Parasuramen’s production, for fundraising purposes.

Guptured takes place at 19h00 at the Merebank DAFTA Hall on September 14. Tickets via Computicket. For more information email: