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Saturday, September 28, 2019


M-Net Movies Premiere, DStv Channel 104, will show the movie Madame on October 3, 2019, at 20h03.

Directed by Amanda Sthers in 2018, the romantic comedy drama, stars Toni Collette, Harvey Keitel and Rossy de Palma.

Class is challenged in this romcom. A wealthy couple hosting a dinner party ask their maid to fill an empty spot but are angered when a relationship develops between her and a guest.

Anne and Bob, an American couple living in Paris, organize a dinner party and invite 12 friends. Bob's son arrives by surprise and the total number of guests is now 13.

The superstitious Anne asks her maid, Maria, to pretend to be a rich Spanish friend and join the table. Maria meets David, a British aristocrat. They both like each other and continue their relationship.

Rating: 16SNL