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Monday, September 23, 2019


Franco Frescura, Education Officer of Phansi Museum, has released the following public apology:

Quite apart from its many and more popular community functions, The Phansi Museum also functions as the focal point for a community of scholars. Its collections represent an incredibly  rich source of original data for researches into African traditions and artefacts, and its  growing reference  library is rapidly becoming a major focus of research activity.

In addition, our collections provide our indigenous artists and crafters with important reference points and templates which record their transition from the traditions of historical times through to the evolutionary changes of modern era. This is supported by an active publishing programme which aims to create a record of things local and things African, and to make available little-known research to a wider public.

Thus far this has been limited to the history, arts and architectures native to our continent, but we are currently working to extend our activities to include the Indian Diaspora, and handbooks on both Islamic and Indian art and architecture are in the planning stages. Neglected aspects of European colonial architecture are also being looked at.

Ultimately, it is our objective to have elements of African and Indian material culture incorporated into all aspects of the architectural syllabus at a tertiary level. To this long list of notable  achievements we also need to add our many exhibitions, a growing following of jazz  enthusiasts, and our Saturday morning sessions for the youth.

Sadly, our more expensive programme of school visits has had to be suspended owing to a lack of financial support, but we regularly continue to entertain visitors, both local and foreign, to our collections and to the African Art Centre, and all our regular activities associated with the running of a regular museum carry on unabated.

Thus any reports that The Phansi is threatened with closure that might have appeared in the press are both false and misguided. Regrettably, one of the victims to such false rumours has been our monthly programme of fortnightly lectures and film shows, and owing to plummeting audience numbers, these have now been suspended with immediate effect. This is unfortunate and we apologise to all our friends and supporters for any inconvenience caused.

The possible restructuring of a similar programme will be re-evaluated over the festive season.

Phansi Museum is situated at 500 Esther Roberts Road, Glenwood, in Durban. Contact the museum on 031 206 2889 or email or visit