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Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Having lived a lifetime in the music industry and garnering three SAMA awards for his recorded works along the way, acclaimed guitarist Tony Cox has collected some of his most famous instrumentals together in a single book for those guitar aficianados who are keen to explore the guitar style of one of South Africa's iconic musicians. The book is titled Tony Cox - Fingerstyle For Africa.

Born in Zimbabwe, Cox moved with his family to South Africa in 1969. By the early 80's, he and guitar guru Steve Newman were already becoming household names with anything to do with guitar playing. Both guitarists had individual solo careers during this time and Cox went on to win three SAMA awards for his recorded works.

Performing all over the world on its finest stages and biggest festivals, Cox’s musicianship, his stage presence, the power of his live shows have been acclaimed from SA to Canada, Italy to Germany.

Teaching has accompanied Tony on all his travels and this book he hopes to finance is the apotheosis of a life lived, steeped in art and music that he has shared with others every step of the way.

Not wishing to relegate his notated music to simple and sterile white pages, Cox has combined his superb instrumentals with his love for graphic art and the stories his music tells, hoping to deliver a book very deeply connected to his heart strings and thereby the hearts of others.

A reader who is not a guitarist will still get something of aesthetic value out of paging through this book and, of course, there is many a challenge to the aspirant guitarist trying their hand at the instrumentals.

In return for a contribution there are a number of different rewards offered, from signed CDs to private concerts to a recently edited, brand new and unseen video performance.

If you would like to support Cox in this endeavour, go to the following link for more detail and to contribute: