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Thursday, October 31, 2019


All are invited to November First Thursday at The KZNSA Gallery on November 7, 2019.

The official opening of Deaf Lifeworlds: Expressions of Resilience, will be held in the media room. On the night there will be a live performance by Young Mbazo, an Indigenous African Music group founded by the sons and grandsons of the award-winning Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Guests are invited to engage in a LAB Talk at 16h30 in connection with the current exhibition.

Deaf Lifeworlds: Expressions of Resilience exhibition was born out of the Deafcam project, an initiative to teach and develop Deaf children and young people’s interest in film and photography. The project allows Deaf children and youth in South Africa to utilise their visual knowledge to explore and engage with important questions around Resilience and other topics relevant to their life and future. Through their photographs and films, deaf children are representing their lives and influencing how others see and understand them, so as to change society.

Deaf young people, especially those in low socio-economic settings face immense barriers in achieving their full potential. The project tackles critical social issues concerning social, cultural, educational and linguistic exclusion, health, stigma and abuse, and other longstanding and ingrained challenges faced by Deaf young people in society. Through photography they show their visual strength and their capacity to develop Resilience in the face of adversity.

On show audiences are invited to view a representation of Deaf Lifeworlds as seen through the eyes of young people from six schools for the deaf in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal.

Robyn Swannack is the opening night speaker, she was a key facilitator in the Deafcam project.  Swanneck is an Anthropology Masters Graduate from UCT, as a Deaf role model she has been very active in programmes supporting Deaf awareness from an early age. She is currently based at the Centre for Deaf Studies (University of the Witwatersrand) as a visual anthropologist, researcher and South African Sign Language Resource developer.

Deafcam was a collaboration between the Centre for Deaf Studies, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, SORD (the Social Research with Deaf People) programme at the University of Manchester, UK and the Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, University of Manchester, UK.

The opening of Deaf Lifeworlds: Expressions Of Resilience takes place at 18h00 on November 1, 2019. Entrance is free entrance. The exhibition will run until November 17, 2019.

Funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (AHRC/MRC).

The KZNSA Gallery is situated at 166 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, in Durban. More information on 031 277 1705 or cell 082 220 0368 or visit