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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


(“Women Sangomas” linocut by Gabisile Nkosi)

An exhibition of the works of the late Gabisile Nkosi opening at The Phansi Museum Gallery on October 26 celebrates her life and work as an artist. 

There will be approximately 25 images on display plus some of her students’ artwork.

In 1996, in her early 20s, Nkosi attended art lessons with the Velobala Group run by the African Art Centre. She subsequently taught the classes in 2001.

 She had exhibited twice at the African Art Centre and her last exhibition was entitled Ukwelapha: Healing, as she was passionately interested in how art could be used as therapy, especially for women who had been abused and damaged through domestic violence.

(“Praying Figure (1971) linocut by Gabisile Nkosi)

Nkosi had reached a high point with her technique and vision from having worked with Malcolm Christian of Caversham Press in the midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, where she was also the programme manager and community co-ordinator. 

Her work was eagerly collected and the Durban Art Gallery purchased four prints from Celebrating the Spirits exhibition; Gida nami (Dancing on the chair), Wandile (Someone I know), Imvelaphi (Heritage).

Malcolm Christian wrote about Gabisile. "I knew her as a colleague, a counsellor, an artist and fellow printmaker whose lino-cutting skills not many can hold a candle to, a teacher and a friend. She was also a mother, a daughter and sister. Gabisile was a printmaker of the highest calibre and many of us are in admiration and awe at her ability in achieving the most lyrical, poetic and honest depictions of the things that mattered to her most.”

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