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Tuesday, December 10, 2019


The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) has announced the launch of its new corporate identity. The new look and feel of the Arts and Culture Trust was created in partnership with Breinstorm Brand Architects. This launch brings to an end an extensive consultation process which included the Trust’s public and internal stakeholders.

It was decided at the end of 2018 that the visual representation of the organisation was due for a re-imagination as part of the organisation’s 25 year anniversary celebrations. The purpose was to align the image of the organisation with the work it will focus on in the future. A public call for submissions for a new corporate identity for ACT was disseminated. Of the many respondents, the ACT team selected a handful of individuals and companies who would be invited to pitch their concepts at length. Breinstorm Brand Architects were selected from that process and made responsible for the creation of the new ACT corporate identity.

The talented designers and creatives at Breinstorm Brand Architects further consulted with the ACT team to create three unique options for what could visually represent South Africa’s premier independent arts and culture funding and development agency. These three options were put before the public to decide on the most creative and accurate representation of ACT’s history, its current work and future direction.

The ACT corporate identity being launched is the option which won an overwhelming majority in the internal and public consultation processes.

ACT CEO Marcus Desando says this of the importance of the extensive consultation process: “Seeking an identity that resonates with an organisation that has been in operation for this long is never an easy or quick journey so in order to have the best results, we have had to make sure that all stakeholders were consulted in order to have an outcome that can be celebrated by all.”

Explaining the symbolism of the new ACT corporate identity, Desando adds “ACT has been offering programmes that seek to build our sector and grow the industry to even better heights, so we looked to this programme to inspire the new identity. So the new corporate identity represents these very two concepts: building blocks and growth”.

Local firm, Breinstorm Brand Architects, was both a creative and guiding force in the creation of ACT’s new visual representation. Breinstorm’s Chief Brand Architect, Eben Keun, says this about the importance of strong brand presence in the South African creative sector “When designing for a prominent local entity, the national identity and aspects of diversity and constitutional democracy inevitably end up on our studio walls. We're extremely proud of how that was synthesised into the new iconic identity for ACT and the potential it will inspire for the arts sector locally and globally.”

In this, the 25 year of the Arts & Culture Trust’s existence, the organisation prides itself in the work that it has supported. In sum, this has made an indelible contribution to the sector in the past quarter of a decade. Furthermore, ACT looks forward to future contributions in the sector and continuing to be South Africa’s premier independent arts and culture funding and development agency. This work is only possible because of the public-private partnerships that ACT fosters for the benefit of the sector that it serves.

The Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) is South Africa’s premier independent arts funding and development agency. The primary aim of ACT is to increase the amount of funding available for arts and culture initiatives, and to apply these funds to innovative, sustainable projects that make a meaningful contribution to society. Through structured funding programmes, ACT provides support for all expressions of arts and culture, including literature, music, visual art, theatre and dance, and the support extends to festivals, community arts initiatives, arts management, arts education and arts administration.

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