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Saturday, December 14, 2019


Deadline: December 31 2019.
The KZNSA Gallery is embarking on a series of exhibitions in 2020 aimed at providing support to young and emerging artists, and training to aspirant curators and aspirant critical writers.

The KZNSA Young Artist Project (YAP) was conceived in 2002 as an institutional platform for experimental art practice in the city of Durban. YAP commissions new work, providing young artists with financial and curatorial support, and the space to realize a first solo project.

In 2020, YAP will host 12 young artists working in their mediums of choice, and using the space to create new and/or site-specific work.

The project will have three four-week exhibition slots in 2020. Each exhibition will:
-Have a lead guest curator, with 2 mentee curators working with them
-Exhibit bodies of work by 4 young artists
-Host critical writing workshops for aspirant writers facilitated by recognized art writers
-Produce a catalogue, with essays from the writing workshops.

Artists applying need to be 18-35 years and not have had a solo exhibition.

Artist support includes:
- Curatorial direction from a seasoned curator
- Use of the space at no cost for a four-week exhibition
- Installation of work
- In-house equipment and props
- Financial support of R15,000 towards materials to create work, framing and/or installation materials
- Colour catalogue of each exhibition with photographs of works, installation views and curatorial essay for each artist.

How to apply: Submit a one-page CV, a one-page artist’s statement and 5-10 images of existing work to


Parallel to the YAP exhibition programme, KZNSA will run a mentorship programme for aspirant curators, with or without tertiary education. Each of the three exhibitions will employ an experienced curator who will mentor two newcomers.

Successful applicants will receive a R5,000 stipend and will shadow the lead curator in the research, planning, logistics, administration and creative direction of an exhibition. Mentees will also participate in tutorials facilitated by the lead curators and industry specialists on curatorial practice, including concept development, use of space and layout, signage and labelling, exhibition administration, liaison with service providers and M&E reporting.

How to apply: Submit a one-page CV and a one-page motivation to


KZNSA invites aspiring art writers to apply to participate in a series of critical writing workshops facilitated by recognised art historians and critical writers.

Participants will read texts, do fieldwork and research, and write with constraint exercises as they look at ways to produce critical writing and develop creative criticism. Writing exercises will respond to, and provide critique of, the work on exhibition and content for catalogues of the project. Through the workshop participants will learn how to:

- Summarize, analyse, question and evaluate written texts and visual exhibitions
- Argue and support a position
- Recognise audience and disciplinary expectations
- Identify and use the stages of the writing process
- Identify characteristics of effective writing
- Apply proper citation practices
- Apply writing knowledge to other writing occasions

How to apply:
Submit a one-page letter of motivation and/or a writing sample (1,000 words max) to

Applications for artists, aspirant curators and aspirant writers closes on December 31 2019.

KZNSA Young Artists’ Project (YAP) is funded by the eThekwini Municipality. The KZNSA is situated at 166 Bulwer Road, Glenwood, Durban.