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Thursday, January 23, 2020


The Theatre – St Anne’s Diocesan College, Matchbox Theatre Collective and Theatre on Pointe will present Lost And Found on January 30, 2020.

This performance is being hosted as part of the College’s Grade 10 Dramatic Arts Residency running from January 27 to 31 January.

Lost and Found journeys through the many trials of a relationship. A sensitive, sensual and nostalgic reflection of time passing.

The work speaks to the notion of growing and the moments throughout our lives where we find ourselves in moments of utter loss and in euphoric moments of being found.

Lost And Found is a duet in two parts performed by two different couples, featuring Bailey Snyman, Nicola Haskins, Zelne Papenfus and Stephen van der Walt.

Comments on show include:

“Lost and Found is a “must see” dance performance! The skill, athleticism and beauty of the dancing defies superlatives. I was moved to tears during the performance.”

“Amazing story telling! Not to be missed! These beautiful dancers display a high level of technique and performance!”

This dance performance is made up of two sections:

Part 1, Lost - a duet by a younger couple who lose each other through the many trials of their relationship.

Part 2, Found - a duet by a more mature couple, who find each other through a process of acceptance and forgiveness.

The duets speak to the notion of growing, and the way in which we respond to relationships at different times in our lives.

The performance will take place at 19h30 on January 30 at The Theatre – St Anne’s Diocesan College. Tickets R80. Booking:

For more information contact Lynn Chemaly, Head of Theatre, on email: or 033 343 6100

St Anne’s Diocesan College is situated at 50 Hilton Avenue, Hilton.