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Monday, January 20, 2020


(Sibusiso Mash Mashiloane. Pic credit Simanga Zondo)

Mashiloane’s fourth album, titled Amanzi Nemifula - Umkhuleko was released on January 15, 2020. This fourth release coming from the Durban pianist has unfolded like a "swim against the tide" with its three-parts release instalments of which now the third and last part was released.

An earful sip in a bucket of new songs that playback a rearrangement from previous releases, namely the debut album Amanz’ Olwandle, Rotha and Closer To Home. The music fluidly embodies the African indigenous metaphysics of the integral role of water in lived experiences and influences in African daily life. Playing upstream back to the rivers of memories that are the centre of growing up in many communities that Mashiloane comes from, in one way or another the inspiration spills into sound.

(Left: Official digital cover. Pic credit Simanga Zondo)

The RIVERS theme is also metaphoric to internet streams, music venues, radios etc as vessels that bring the substance of sound to the masses, the listeners. It is not a secret that the way any artist interacts with their audiences and releases music has changed, Sibusiso Mash Mashiloane is in full cognizance of this fact.

The first instalment of this project is of acoustic nature performed by Mash trio (Sibusiso Mashiloane, drummer Riley G and bassist Dalisu Ndlazi). Sophisticated playing, basic in application, with no use of additional sound amplification and no preservatives either, just pure water.

The second instalment, Izayoni The Village, is collaborative and evokes emotions of the spiritual realm, just the fuel needed in your tank. There is an air of trance-like vibrancy, with Africa spiritual tones that permeates into a spring season upbeat mood within the music.

For the final release Mashiloane added some songs that lead to the fluid spiritual connectivity from the previous two parts precipitations to a full body of awakening work with all its intensity. The indigenous African-themed soundscapes and exploration Mashiloane endeavours through Jazz reigns supreme on this album.

The new and old rearranged and reworked songs transit your system like a water cycle. From the clouds to the mountain then rivers to the sea juxtaposed to debuting from Amanzi Olwande to Rotha, than Closer To Home to Umkhuleko (Amanzi Nemifula) the music workflow keeps coming.

Sibusiso Mash Mashiloane is a prolific artist whose academic credentials speak volume for the kind of passion and discipline he has for music. He has a Masters in Jazz Performance and graduated Cum Laude from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Mash is an integral performer and has been well received by audiences while touring the country and beyond to promote his albums “Amanz’ Olwandle” (2016), “Rotha – A Tribute to Mama” (2017) and Closer to Home (2019).  Amanz’ Olwandle won two Mzantsi Jazz Awards for Best Jazz album and with Rotha, Mashiloane won Best Jazz Artist in Africa at the prestigious international Afrima Awards. Closer to Home won Best Male at the Mzantsi Jazz Awards in 2019 and was also nominated for Best Jazz at the AFRIMA and South African Music Awards.

Not only is Mash a great artist in this very vibrant time in South African jazz music, he is also a teacher with a focused goal to help grow talent from a firm foundation of African Roots. He lectures at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the Durban Music School. His focus is to teach and organizse live music performances with his students focusing on South African composers. Mashiloane is currently doing his PHD focusing on the concept of home through the South African jazz lens.

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