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Monday, February 17, 2020


(Andrew Verster)

Award-winning Durban-based sculptor Andries Botha pays his respects after hearing news of the death of the legendary Durban artist, stage designer and playwright Andrew Verster.

Verster died peacefully on Sunday (February 16, 2020) after a long period of ill-health.

“Andrew was always in my entire existence in Durban a place from which you could measure yourself from. In many respects, the way he encouraged creativity, the way that he was professional and productive and more importantly, he was always warm, approachable, kind of made the artistic process more human for all of us younger people,” says Botha.

“I suppose KwaZulu-Natal always referenced Andrew as being the artist that set the pace for us younger people who, of course, are now infinitely older. So, having him pass means that a legacy definitely dies with him and I know that Durban is definitely a lot poorer for it. As he got older and declined a lot, it was with great sadness that his light began to flicker but it never did die. He’s going to be greatly missed,” he adds.

A more detailed obituary will follow.