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Monday, February 10, 2020


Kathak Mahotsav commences 2020 with a momentous and highly-anticipated presentation. 

Kala Darshan in association with the ABH & AYS plays host to the Durban leg of Kathak Mahotsav 2020 – South Africa's first Kathak festival. Artists featured include Kirti Ravjee, Kranthi Singh, Shika Harrypaul and Manesh Maharaj.

“We look forward to the blessings and kind presence of all our respected patrons, gurus, artists and students. This special offering pays tribute to a great heritage passed down from Guru to shishya & brought to our shores by artists who have devoted their lives to serving their art. This parampara now thrives in SA,” says Kirti Ravjee.

Kathak Mahotsav aims to inspire students and artists to embrace unity and camaraderie affording the organisation a space to grow, share, dance and transcend as a collective. It endeavours to preserve the sanctity and authenticity of Kathak in South Africa. The aim is to organically augment this platform to an international arena.

Kathak Mahotsav 2020 takes place on February 23, 2020, at 15h00 at the Pattundeen Theatre ABH, 80 Arena Park Drive in Chatsworth. More information on 031 404 9530 or 082 422 6865 or visit