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Wednesday, March 11, 2020


The fast-growing Im4thearts organisation will hold a gathering in Durban on Sunday, March 15, 2020, at the North Beach Amphitheatre. Similar functions are being held throughout the country.

The following is the information from the organisers:

Dear practitioners and lovers of the arts,

Within the last six months there have been a large number of closures of Festivals and/or Arts organisations. There have also been a variety of high-profile arts institutions in the news, mentioned in connection with all sorts of wrong-doings.

The majority of artists and arts practitioners are fed up with the status quo - many of them are unemployed, or are struggling to make ends meet. Musicians are playing to half-full halls, artists sit with works that they are unable to sell, and attendance in general is dwindling across the sector. Arts marketing, advertising, design and printing companies are going out of business because organisations just don't have budget to market or advertise any more.

Arts is nothing without the people who create it, but equally is it nothing without the people who support it. It is a mutually beneficial activity, with numerous scientific studies demonstrating the benefits of artistic pursuits, whether active or passive.

South African artists are not ones to sit idly by and watch as the industry falls into nothing, and so, as a first step, we are trying to raise awareness of how the arts is found everywhere, and is involved intricately in everybody's lives, every day!

We realise that everyone is busy, but this coming Sunday (March 15, 2020) there are two things that you can do very easily from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the country, which would assist us in the first steps of our campaign to raise awareness of how the arts are everywhere!

1) Temporarily change your social media profile pictures to the one pictured above.

2) Film a little clip of yourself saying the following:
Hello, I'm (YOUR NAME).
I'm a (musician/dancer/visual artist/theatre practitioner/arts administrator etc)
I love (buying paintings/attending concerts/watching movies/listening to the radio/buying books/ etc - whatever you love that is related to the arts)
AND I'M FOR THE ARTS! (this is the most important line)

Post this clip on social media with the hashtag #Im4thearts and tag @Im4thearts.

We will have various threads going on all social media platforms on Sunday, so you can also search for the hashtag and join in the conversation.

Our arts and culture is a tapestry that binds us together, and is one of the things that distinguishes us from the rest of the world. Let's stand together and show how each of our individual threads can come together to create one astonishing big picture. #strongertogether #im4thearts #keeptheartsalive

Please encourage family and friends to participate. The more people involved the better.

The KwaZulu Natal gathering takes place from 11h00 to 14h00 at the North Beach Amphitheatre in Durban.