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Friday, April 10, 2020


Calum Stevenson, an irrefutable authority in the South African entertainment industry, has launched Blue Key Digital Marketing: Africa’s only digital marketing agency committed exclusively to live entertainment and the performing arts.

With close on 30 years professional experience in commercial and non-profit sectors of the arts and entertainment industry, Stevenson until recently headed up the Theatre Department at Gold Reef City after joining The Lyric Theatre 13 years ago.
Being results-oriented, the nature of the digital landscape fits well with his analytical mind-set. He has a knack for designing, fine-tuning, and perfecting systems, projects, & processes which aligns comfortably with the tools available to digital marketers.

Coupled with this, his long-standing experience in arts marketing makes this the ideal move into the digital marketing space with the creation of Blue Key Digital Marketing: an agency for arts and entertainment professionals who are serious about growing their audiences.

On the creation of this new agency, Calum had this to say:

“I’ve been in the industry for close on 30 years and one of my greatest pleasures is connecting audiences with creative product. Backing what I call the “imagineers” - producers and creative souls - in their vision to delight, entertain, inform, transform … that’s what fires me up”. 

He continues: “I’m very much a systems person so I get excited about the potential for digital platforms to grow audiences. How we market creative product is vastly different to when I first started out. Today I see a need for specialised digital marketing tailored to industry needs”. 

Based in Johannesburg and in a position to operate nationwide, Blue Key Digital Marketing will focus on three key necessities: audience acquisition, audience engagement, and audience retention.

A strong focus will be on the growth of audiences to translate into ticket sales even when companies and enterprises are not actually in market with ticket sales.

Stevenson explains: “Blue Key’s been six months in development and there was obviously no way I could have foreseen the challenges facing us today. The shock impact of Covid-19 on our industry is glaring - the long-term effects uncertain.

“Time will come when audiences gather together again for the love of music, theatre, dance - in appreciation of the story-tellers, performers, and entertainers who remind us to celebrate our common humanity.  Because we are by nature, social creatures.

“My aim is that Blue Key plays a role in helping our ‘imagineers’ optimise their digital assets, grow their online audiences, and prepare to meet what I foresee will be a massive demand when we once again open doors to welcome audiences”.

For those with budget constraints, Blue Key Digital Marketing is offering a free subscription to MyBlueKey Insights - practical digital solutions that industry professionals can implement themselves.

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Blue Key will offer clients a host of services, including:

           Market research to gain insights into audience demographics, behaviour, and digital habits;
           Targeted online advertising to grow audiences and maximise ticket sales;
           Website design and management to maintain a professional online presence;
           Customer relationship marketing to maximise satisfaction, loyalty, and lifetime value of existing audiences;
           Data analytics to convert online users into paying audience members;
           Social media marketing to build, nurture, and maintain online communities.

Clients who can benefit from Calum’s years of expertise will include:

           Producers, promoters, and presenters of live shows;
           Industry executives, managers, and administrators; 
           Those passionate about showcasing great creative talent;
           Those typically constrained by tight marketing budgets;
           Those concerned about the sustainability of their business;
           Those who want to reach a wider paying audience;
           Marketers, publicists, and communications specialists;
           Creatives, performers, and technicians;
           Artist managers, agents, educators, and researchers

With a seasoned industry professional behind Blue Key Digital Marketing, there is no better time than now whilst in lockdown, to get in touch with Calum Stevenson to see how best Blue Key can assist you through this tough transition.

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