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Thursday, April 30, 2020


(Christopher Duigan)

Christopher Duigan, owner and founder of the KZN-based Music Revival, has released this update:

Many 'thank you's to everyone who has donated to Music Revival! We have received support from a large number of regular supporters who have donated the equivalent of concert tickets after watching our online livestreams. This has helped enormously. Others donated after having experienced our concerts for the first time. Several individuals have also been very generous with substantial donations. For all these contributions we are extremely grateful. Your support has sustained us comfortably through the first month! We ideally do like to thank and acknowledge all donors individually so please do check that your full name is included in any EFT payment reference.

Our website, a major source of our community contribution, has been visited by 2,672 visitors in the last 30 days, peaking at 415 visits on March 29, the first day of lockdown.

We invite you to join the 'crowd' and view the current and most recent performances on our website. Using headphones will increase the enjoyment!

Our livestreams are offered on various platforms on Thursday and Saturday at 18h00. Gather your popcorn and snacks, and a glass of something!

For best sound and audio watch on Vimeo or at our website

YouTube is easily accessible

Facebook pages offer the possibility to comment, say 'Hi', respond and see who else you know is online watching.

You can also watch these after the event on our website.

Please visit and subscribe to our new Patreon page.

We have established a PATREON page. Those who subscribe at a monthly charge will receive access to private information, videos, advance notice of events and inside/ 'behind the scenes' info!

Although little content is loaded (we are running behind!) we start two major projects this week. The first is a weekly article covering various subjects relating to the personas experiences and observations of presenting online concerts, entrepreneurial approaches to concertising, aspects of a pianist's life and even recipes served at our home concerts!

Patreon is a very useful platform in that the pledge of a monthly support creates a regular and predictable income stream. This not only supports the online concerts (which we aim to keep free to the public) but is in exchange for exclusive content only patrons will have access to.

I am also asking for input on what our audiences would like to see in addition to our online services - more concerts, more discussion, organised music-appreciation courses? Please let us know at

This week's online sessions!
Now to be viewed 'live' at

The live sessions take place at 18h00 every Thursday and Saturday. We have invested in a new system ensuring distribution across multiple platforms and websites. This means that all live-stream sessions can be viewed at

Enjoy listening to the back catalogue (and private recordings) on our website, with continuous play. The popular CDs Christopher Duigan plays 'Picnic Piano Vols 1 and 2' provides over two hours of entertaining music on LISTEN 2. Please free to listen and share!

All previous live sessions are retained for view at our website!

Please support us by
-donating funds - for example the equivalent of the tickets you would purchase monthly,
-make a donation if you enjoyed the video and audio content on our website

Please make all donations to:
MUSIC REVIVAL - NEDBANK, Hayfields  134025  Acc: 1340436582
We are now also able to take donations via credit card in Rands at our website DONATE.