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Tuesday, April 14, 2020


Information on the Proposed Fundraising project for the Phansi UbuntuArt Museum and Africademy contains the following:

“We cannot find ourselves in the present unless we are able to locate ourselves in a recognisable past. The umbilical chord that binds the past to the present future is our imagination.
The instruments that weave these things together are our artists, however humble.
Ubuntu art honours and celebrates the present and the future by promising to protect identity and inheritance by safeguarding the art and imagination, for the children of tomorrow.
(Andries Botha – Artist)

This is particularly true in our country where the youth has all but forgotten the pain of the past and discovered how art became the tool of liberation, of identity and sanity. Today’s South Africa seems to be only mining its past for the guilty and not for the brave. In the process it deprives millions of their glorious roots and philosophy and art that underpinned it.

Ubuntu is a unique African word that defines relationship and responsibilities between people. It is the philosophical basis for our assumption that humans are unique in the animal kingdom.

The Phansi UbuntuArt museum and its Seedbank of Identity celebrate those ever-absorbing, evolving, spreading, adapting and changing roots that celebrate the community over the individual. Its roots lie in the three commandments of the ancestors:

Assure continuity, Show respect and Keep order.

Nelson Mandela’s interpretation of Ubuntu was I AM BECAUSE YOU ARE

The PHANSI, the UbuntuArt museum and Africademy developed outreach programmes in order to share, conserve and grow this ART in the belief that it will help to build respect and skills in communities and show what can be achieved under the most dire circumstances. Art often only viewed with condescending marvel.

Phansi Museum began as a private collection that was shared with friends and acquaintances. Over the years, it grew into a major collection that has been visited by many international and local visitors and thousand scholars from near and far.

To a small extent, it has been financed by the province of KwaZulu-Natal. Lotto has also assisted with funds that allowed us to catalogue much of the collection. The major assistance has come from the Bartel Arts Trust that has always stepped in to cover the deficit. This fund has now closed and we are finding it very difficult to fund our operations and staff who have been such wonderful and motivated specialists in our adventure.

As we all continue to stay home and try to make sense of it all, we at Phansi recognise this moment in the change of our culture. Now we share information online, we watch YouTube videos for entertainment, we stand a few ways away from people in the shops. We do miss our community, but we look forward to when we get to meet again.

If you would like to donate, please find a Zapper QR code or direct EFT details at the end of this email. As we rely on tours and funding to keep our heads above water.

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