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Saturday, April 11, 2020


Extra productions just added (see in red)

More productions have been added to the Rhumbelow LOSS Series (lockdown online streaming shows).

KZN’s Rhumbelow Theatre is test-driving a temporary concept, which will assist in keeping the Rhumbelow top of mind, get the finances ticking over (as the organisation has monthly fixed costs) and hopefully assist performers, artists and musicians who will not have any source of income.

Below are test-driving links to YOU TUBE (not public - you need to have the link)

Roland Stansell, Rhumbelow manager and entertainment co-ordinator explains: “We have loaded shows that appeared at the Rhumbelow during the last 10 or so years. If there is a show that grabs you, please feel free to click on the link and watch the show. We would ask you to make an appropriate donation for the show that you have watched, so that we can also share any income with the relevant performer.

“We would ask that on the banking reference that you indicate the show that you watched so that we know who to share the revenue with.”

“Please email us how many are watching with a minimum donation of R100 per head and we will send you the show link/s. Please support this initiative to keep the Rhumbelow afloat and it will help the relevant performers keep bread and butter on the table. Email

All donations welcome

Banking Details for Rhumbelow Theatre
Branch Code : NEDBANK MUSGRAVE 130126
Generic Branch Code : 198 765
Acc No : 2301348474 (SAVINGS)
Name Of Account : Rhumbelow Theatre
Fax for Deposit Slip : 086 685 0300 (if not electronic transfer)

If there are any shows that you would like to view that are not on this list, please let us know.

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Available shows as follows:

200111: Jet Drag - Fun drag show with The Family Players

200204: Sweet Chastity. The Family Players fun comedy Drag show

200210: Da Joint Is Jumpin. The Family Players & Friends. Comedy Drag show at its best from The Family Players

200308: Tipsy Tart Follies. A fun comedy Drag show from The Family Players

200311: Life's A Drag And Then You Dye. A fun comedy Drag show from The Family Players

200406: Latino Jive. Alan Bowen, Paul Botha and Liz Cunningham

200501: Tsunami Concert. The Family Players & Friends. A concert that was done to raise funds for the Gift of The Givers during the time of the Christmas 2004 Tsunami.

200503: Diva's To A T. Tonya Koenderman. Musical cabaret with Tonya Koenderman, performing music of some of the top ladies.

200506: Just For Love. A fun drag show with The Family Players. This was a fundraiser to send Mbali (the lighting) lady to CT for drummies.

200509: Roberts Retrospective. Melanie Roberts & Evan Roberts. Roberts Retrospective (article first published : 2005-08-21) Both have performed at many venues in and around Durban and need little introduction to theatre going audiences. As two of Durban’s most seasoned performers they will share the high and lowlights of their working careers in an evening of great music. As both performers are well experienced in the medium of cabaret, this promises to be a night not to be missed as they look back at 20 years of collaboration. The show offers well-loved favourites from musicals to cabaret to bands with jazz, swing, show tunes, chart toppers, contemporary hits, showstoppers and comedy.

200602: Liza with a T. Tonya Koenderman. The music and life of Lisa Minnelli

200606: Bobbert Uncut. A laugh-a-minute show with Lisa Bobbert

200607: The G Spot. Frank Graham & Graham Rich. Comedy and laughs with two of Durban's comic veterans.

200612: Absolutely Fabulous. Comedy Drag show at its best from The Family Players

200702: Just The Two Of Us. Pinkie Mtshali & Kobus Van Niekerk

200703: Songs My Lover Forgot To Sing Me. Songs and music with Godfrey Johnson

200706: Songs of Love & Lipstick. Songs and music with Godfrey Johnson

200706: Behind Every Man.  A Theatrical Cabaret by Godfrey Johnson. This World Premiere, an intimate, evocative and moving show celebrating the genius of female song writers and composers performed by a man.

200707: Bosman’s Women. Herman Charles Bosman story telling with Barbie Meyer

200707: A Touch Of Pink. Marion Loudon & Darren King. Fun Musical Cabaret

200709: The Return of The Convent Girls. Fun with Lisa Bobbert & Tonya Koenderman

200801: Libberocco. A fun musical evening with Rocco de Villiers

200803: The Very Weathered Girls. Fun drag show with The Family Players

200805: One Rocco, One Piano. Piano evening with Rocco de Villiers

200807: Wild & Fragrant. Hilarious story telling with Barbie Meyer. Stories from Herman Charles Bosman

200809: Tickled Pink. Marion Loudon & Darren King. Tickled Pink is a fun-filled show paying tribute to more of the songs of artists who are gay icons. A tongue-in-cheek look at many of the questions surrounding a gay lifestyle

200810: Both Of Me. Musical “mampoer” presented by Rory Rootenberg with Jeremy Quickfall on piano

200810: A Song For You  - A Tribute To The Carpenters. Belinda Dolphin & Karen Campbell

200811: Frank Graham - Raconteur Extraordinaire. A fun evening of stories and jokes with Frank Graham

200901: Diaries of a Down & Out Diva. Fun musical cabaret with Tonya Koenderman

200902: Rocktails. Piano and fun cocktail evening in concert with Rocco de Villiers

200902: Girls Behaving Badly. Elizabeth Perkins, Janna Ramos-Violante, Shelley Mclean and Marion Loudon. This fun cabaret is a powerhouse of talent. Durban will rock as these good girls let their hair down and pay tribute to some of the world’s legendry 'Bad Girls' of the music industry. A rollercoaster of hits from the 1950’s to the present day is sure to appeal to all ages.

200904: Bald & The Beautiful. Shelley Mclean, Melanie Roberts, Liesl Coppin and Evan Roberts. In their inimitable piano and voice style, with their own arrangements, they will deliver a diverse bag of music. Between the four of them, they have done over 14 shows together, and Evan effortlessly attributes his "baldness " to working with the gals over the last 20 years!

200906: Cadenza and More. Rory Rootenberg with Anne Duthie on piano. Intoxicating and infectious musical “mampoer”. Laughs and gasps abound as Rory, with Durban pianist Anne Duthie, takes the audience on a magical musical journey which races from the romantic to ridiculous and covers a myriad of styles from Afrikaanse liedjies to Abba, La Bohème to Lloyd Webber, Bizet to Brel, and lots in between that Puccini never dreamed of.

200908: Laughing All The Way to the Banks. Comedy with Mark Banks

200908: Duets To Dye For. The Family Players And Friends. There is a pleasant mix of straight singing by Belinda Dolphin and Junaid Cassimjee and mimed songs by the drag artists, often so well done, one wonders if they are actually singing. Their outfits are outrageous adding much fun to the show, especially their outrageous wigs and often over the top makeup

200910: Flirting With Coward. Godfrey Johnson presents the music of Noel Coward

200910: Kicking It Country. Marion Loudon, Darren King and Janna Ramos-Violante. Great country cabaret from this top Durban team.

200912: Fairy Follies. A fun comic drag show from The Family Players

201003: The Big Blue. Tim Wells, Mux Schwatrz, Peter Enslin, Jason Andre and Steve du Plessis present an adventure down a trail of blues which covers a variety of artists such as Ray Charles, Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Van Morrison. The Big Blue features the talents of Tim Wells on lead vocals, Peter Enslin on piano and keyboards, Nux Schwartz on guitar, Jason Andrew on bass and Steve du Plessis on drums. The thread these experienced musos follow is one of heart-wrenching and often get-up-and-go foot-stomping blues with their hearts and souls certainly part of the equation. The show has been described by Tim Wells as: “An adventure down a trail of blues - sometimes dark, brooding and whiskey soaked pain, sometimes uplifting toe-tapping escapism...this is our blues journey and we sometimes divert from the path a little … come along for the ride!”

201004: Rocking It Gently. John Ellis, Shelley Mclean, Lloyd de Gier and Marion Loudon

201005: Shadow of Brel. Godfrey Johnson plays the music of Jacques Brel

201006: Banana Banana - 11 Gays To Go. Rhumbelow Theatre & The Family Players celebrated the World Cup in 2010 with a fun drag show - it had 11 players.

201011: C'est Si Bon. Daniéle Pascal with Pieter Van Helslandt on piano. Great French artists and other music from Daniéle Pascal

201012: Christmas With Jazz. Jaziel Vaugh'hann presents a fun Christmas show with a wide range of great music.

201103: High Notes & Highlights. Rory Rootenberg with Anne Duthie on piano.

201106: Durban Comedy Invasion. Glen Bo, Jem Atkins, Dusty Rich and Gareth Woods. Four of Durban's best stand-ups are a deadly comedic fighting force. Invading with their weapons of choice, wit, funny-bombs and mirth-sharpshooting they will have you in stitches. Teaming up to take a show which is their personal best linked in-theme, expect intelligent alternative stand-up comedy.

201110: Godfrey Johnson With Horns. Includes hilarious tales of gyms, health, food, fashion; captivating songs and a healthy dose of comedy and pathos. Sex Pistols in the style of Noel Coward, musical jokes and many more hilarious moments. The show will include songs by Brel, Coward, Porter, Pet Shop Boys and new material by Johnson. The audience will also have the chance to choose their favourite songs as Johnson works his human juke box routine.

201107: Bobbertlicious. Lisa Bobbert. Brace yourself. She’s wild, she’s whacky, she’s wonderful … The delectable Lisa Bobbert unleashes her zany zoo of loopy alter-egos in her new show, Bobbertlicious. Chantal, Charmaine, Delphine and even Tina Turner are just some of Bobbert’s line-up of larger-than-life lasses who feature in this not-to-be-missed evening of live entertainment. The unstoppable Ms Bobbert herself even gets a show in, with some songs she’s always wanted to sing – but no-one would allow her to do. Seen in many shows at Rhumbelow including Convent Girls, Brutal Tunes and Bobbert Uncut to name a few.

201107: 10 Yrs - 10 Shows.  An evening with Marion Loudon and Lloyd de Gier. Over the past few years Marion Loudon has performed in six different shows at the Rhumbelow Theatre, from the all-female Latino Ladies and Girls Behaving Badly, the camp gay Icons tributes in A Touch of Pink and Tickled Pink to the Western-themed Kicking it Country and last year’s Rocking it Gently. Marion has chosen her favourite tunes from all these shows to perform, to ensure there is something for everyone from Shania Twain to Madonna, The Sound Of Music to Fleetwood Mac. Along for the ride is Lloyd de Gier who performed alongside her in Rocking It Gently and will be on hand to add some guitar parts and vocals.

201108: Roll Out The Barrel. Dave Burch, Mim Erasmus and Bernie Davenport. A fun musical British Pub evening, this is a combination of “Good old Songs”, “Not So Old Good Songs”, Pommie-style comedy and wit, all to send you home with a smile on your face and a song that sticks in your head.

201110: Such A Night. Belinda Dolphin and Jaziel Vaugh'hann present the music and life of Elvis Presley.

201112: Stuffed Turkeys. Fun drag show with The Family Players and Friends.

201202: Coward To Brel. Godfrey Johnson plays the music of Noel Coward and Cole Porter

201204: Songs The Wars Made Famous. Dave Burch, Mim Erasmus and Bernie Davenport have been around the music scene for quite a while, and have their own style of presenting "Golden Oldies". In Songs The Wars Made Famous, their current show running at Rhumbelow Theatre, they transport audiences back to a time when music was an ally, supporting the troops and, maybe more so, the folks back home. This fun evening of music celebrates the MOTH 85th Birthday.

201204: Don't Burst My Bublé. Jonothan Didlick returns to the Rhumbelow with a selection of songs by one of his favourite and most influential performers, Michael Bublé. “While my peers were listening to the popular groups and singers of the 90’s and 2000’s,” he says, “I was dabbling into the genius and harmonies of the likes of The Beatles and Queen and the big band swing sound of the then, up-and-coming, Michael Bublé.”

201206: Bad Habits. The Family Players comedy drag show about nuns

201207: The Convent Girls. Lisa Bobbert and Tonya Koenderman. A fun musical romp with the two girls who went to the same High School

201208: The Minnie & Johnson Show. Fleur du Cap winner Godfrey Johnson and SAMA award nominee Emile Minnie will be performing raucous hits from the 60s to the naughties with just a piano, a clarinet and a wine glass for percussion. Come and see these two captivating artists light up the stage with their humour and energy. Songs include Love is a Stranger by Eurythmics, Holding out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler and YMCA by the Village People. For that something extra they will be doing French love songs by Piaf and Brel, as well as an original Afrikaanse treffer or two.

201210: There Was A Time - Springbok Radio. Frank Graham offers a fun look at the history or radio and specifically Springbok Radio in South Africa

201210: Still Solo. A musical evening with Sam Marais who performed in many shows at the Playhouse during Geoffrey Sutherland’s musical time.

201211: The Johnny Cash Tribute Show. Rob Warren, Garth Warren, Gareth Gale and Claire McIlroy. Welcome to Folsom Prison and get ready to hear songs about prison, trains, guns, love and heartache. The Johnny Cash Show, set in Folsom Prison, a tribute to the great Johnny Cash.

201302: Le Chop Royale - Benson Schwenson. Comedy with Jacobus van Heerden

201302: Suspects Of Love. The Family Players’ fun comedy drag show for Valentine's Day 2013

201303: Walkin’ In Memphis. Doug Weich and his band present the music of Elvis Presley over the years.

201308: Take 5

201310: Elvis - Through The Ages. Doug Weich and his band present the music of Elvis Presley over the years.

201310: The Ultimate Variety Show. The Family Players & Friends present a fun bariety show including singers and comedy drag.

201310: Digby and The Lullaby. With Rouchelle Hubsch on vocals and piano, and Darren Digby Peens on backing vocals and guitar, Digby and the Lullaby has been described as a match made in heaven. They’ve cast their indie-folk spell on audiences from Cape Town to New York with their quiet confessions and secret yearnings that pour like honey from their lips.

201311: Pascal Sings Piaf. Daniéle Pascal with Pieter Van Helslandt on the piano present the music and life of Edith Piaf.

201311: The Glitter Girls. Marion Loudon, Lisa Bobbert and Liesl Coppin. Anyone remember Pac-man... The Rubic cube and Dallas? Yip, 1989 was a special year. These three trend-busting Glitter Girls have to go back! Back to neon, back to big hair and back to High School - Scottburgh High - for their 30 year school reunion!

201312: Tis The Season. Fun Christmas show with Marion Loudon and The Reals (Barry Thomson, Dawn Selby, Jason Andrew and Mali Sewell)

201312: Cold Fact - The Reals. Who would know that an unknown album from an unknown artist in 1970 (Rodriguez) would become a huge phenomenon in South Africa? This musical tribute to Rodriguez’s music is performed by Barry Thomson and ’The Reals’ with Musical Director Dawn Selby on keyboards and percussion, Mali Sewell on drums and vocals, and Jason Andrew on bass guitar and vocals.

201402: Stupid Cupid. The Family Players and Statik. Fun show including the comedy Family Players Drag Troupe and STATIK, Clinton Green and Selwyn Rautenbach

201403: The Essence Of Salsa. Manteca Salsa and Afro-Cuban Band. Join us as vibrant live music, energetic dance and intimate theatre come together to tell the story of Salsa: worldwide multi-cultural phenomenon, expression of integration and the struggle for freedom. From the courts of King Louis XIV to the plantation slaves of the Caribbean to the dance halls of New York and the world, prepare to be entertained by rootsy Cuban folklore, European art music with an African twist, swinging Latin Jazz, and explosive salsa, all performed by Manteca, Durban’s own premier 11-piece Afro Caribbean band.

201404: Dear Breeder. Kasia Vosloo and Karen Logan, directed by Ewok Robinson. A quirky piece of musical comedy that uses original folk-parody songs, dramatic monologues and even a little spoken word to produce an authentic piece of unique theatre. Both satirical and poignant, hilarious and thought-provoking, Dear Breeder showcases the talents of two performers with first-hand experience of being ‘Breeders’ themselves. Entertaining and provocative for anyone who has witnessed or experienced the joyful and not so joyful moments of raising a small child, Dear Breeder took two awards following its premiere performance at Durban’s MUSHO! 2014.

201407: The Ultimate Variety Show 2. The Family Players & Friends Fun Variety show including singers and comedy drag.

201411: Pascal Sings Brel. Daniéle Pascal with Pieter Van Helslandt on the piano. In the Francophone world, Brel has left an enduring influence on music and culture and he has inspired many musicians worldwide. The music and life of Jacques Brel

201412: Under The Covers. Barry Thomson & The Reals , Dawn Selby, Jason Andrew and Mali Sewell. Under the covers, lies each one of us. Each member of ‘The Reals’ has their own personality and personal musical taste which will be exposed in the exciting repertoire of the show. Expect to enjoy a new song selection from iconic rock artistes including Led Zeppelin, Steely Dan, Supertramp and Heart, with an interesting and ‘real’ creative twist. The Reals will be performing their original songs as well as telling interesting stories of the hidden truths behind the perceptions of 'who did what and with whom....' (musically, of course!). It’s all about The Reals being themselves.

201412: Christmas Rocks. Marion Loudon & The Reals. The team is The Reals band– guitarist Barry Thomson, keyboardist Dawn Selby, drummer Mali Sewell and bassist Jason Andrew – who share the stage with vocalist Marion Loudon. Sticking to last year’s winning formula, the song sheet offers hits from festive season shows in which the ace team of musicians and singers have featured in recent years, a merry mix of Rock n Roll party favourites saluting all things festive with a sprinkling of some favourite jolly holiday Christmas songs!

201502: Swing Time. Great Swing Music with local Durban Band Platform Jazz

201502: Queens Of The Opera. The Family Players and Friends present a fun music and drag show presentation for Valentine's Day in  2015

201504: Behind The Noise. Barry Thomson, Jason Andrew and Marion Loudon. Ever noticed how often a great song gets drowned out by the noise that comes from over-production in a studio? Join Durbanites Barry Thomson, Jason Andrew and Marion Loudon as they get back to the root of what makes a great song and give the melody and lyrics space to shine.

201508: The Way We WereStreisand. A musical presentation by Cat Simoni on the life and music of Barbra Streisand.

201508: A Song For You - A Carpenters Revival. Belinda Dolphin and Karen Campbell-Gillies

201509: Takefive in "Timeless". Shelley McLean, Tory Du Plessis, Tammy Saville, Haylea Hounsome and Chloe Clark. Following on from their highly acclaimed show Hot for Harmony, KZN's sizzling vocal sensation, Take Five, is back with a brand new gem. Aptly titled, Timeless, you can expect to hear songs that have stood the test of time, presented with a Take Five twist. Featuring tight harmony arrangements of some contemporary music stars, as well as a few timeless classics, the Take Five songbirds promise an evening of listening pleasure.

201512: Laurel Canyon. Featuring Barry Thomson, Jason Andrew and Dawn Selby. Laurel Canyon wasn't much to look at. A few modest bungalows and log cabins crammed between an occasional faded mansion that had been left over from the days when it was a secluded, semi-rural retreat for Hollywood's silent-movie stars. And yet from the quiet of the densely wooded canyon came a music revolution that would change popular culture.

201601: Celebration Time. Platform Jazz presents songs played for Celebrations. Great seven-piece band presents a fun show with Shelley McLean on vocals.

            Bent On Bollywood. The Family Players & Friends present a fun drag show.