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Monday, May 4, 2020


The same, only different.

The Virtual National Arts Festival received no less than 88 questions during a recent public webinar on how this year’s Festival will work. You can find the full report on the webinar on the NAF website, and we‘ll highlight one or two of the questions that came up as ideas continue to develop over the next few weeks.

Bantu Mtshiselwa asked us to paint a visual picture of what audiences can expect and how they can access the vNAF, so here goes...

Audiences will go to the Festival website and choose what they would like to do in the same way that they might when attending the live Festival. For example, they may choose to purchase a curated content package that they can watch at a time that suits them, or they may choose to watch the open access pre-recorded work available as ‘video on demand’. They may like to attend a live webinar or workshop, go to a Facebook ‘watch party’ or look through the virtual visual art and craft galleries.

There will be some free events and some that will be behind a ‘pay gate’. Audiences will be able to purchase ‘passes’ that will allow them to watch the pre-packaged daily programme content or ‘tickets’ to single pre-recorded items or events; they will also be able to click through to live streamed events held on third-party platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram.

Film, jam sessions, debates, workshops, poetry, dance and animation – audiences can look forward to a full, diverse and exciting menu – expect to have fun; to marvel and delight; to be challenged, inspired, and moved.

eTV interviewed National Arts Festival CEO Monica Newton about the decision to take the Festival online in 2020. Watch the full interview at:

The National Arts Festival is putting together a short webinar on copyright issues and royalties. The Zoom webinar will explain the regulations and the practicalities of ensuring that artists’ rights are protected. SAMRO and DALRO will be represented on the panel as well as scriptwriters, musicians and an attorney specialising in copyright law.

The webinar will take place on May 8 at 16h00. To participate, sign up at

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