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Saturday, May 16, 2020


Billy Suter’s daily doodles find online sales spot. (Report by Billy Suter, courtesy of

(Above: One of a dozen drawings by yours truly which have now been turned into limited-edition photographic images, for a series titled “Disconnection”. The images are available for purchase at the 6andOut website, the online link for which is

What started out as a fun way to ease boredom during the Coronavirus lockdown – a daily posting on Facebook of a doodle I drew – has proved so unexpectedly popular that I have been approached to consider exhibiting them and have been invited to offer for sale limited-edition, digital photographic images of some of the drawings.

Twelve of the 51 diverse daily doodles I have already posted, to date, on my Facebook page since lockdown began in March have now been turned into limited-edition photographic images, for a series titled Disconnection.

Through the kind invitation of Durban artist Peter Ford, my drawings are now being offered for sale on his 6andOut website, the online link for which is

The site offers a new way to own and appreciate original art, offering ongoing and growing collections of limited-edition digital photographic images by Ford and work by guest artists, of which I am very happy to be the first.

The 6andOut concept has been developed by Ford as a way for art lovers to collect and benefit from art which increases in value over time. How it works is that each digital artwork purchased is recorded in a print registry, much like traditional limited-edition prints are registered in a gallery.

The innovation lies in the multi-use aspect and in the ability for the owner to resell their artwork in the future, via this registry, at its new and increased value. With 6andOut you get to do what you want with the digital image. Wallpaper, vehicle wrapping, screen savers, profile-pic, soft furnishings are all possibilities, explains Ford.

What’s important is that 6andOut does not limit the reproduction rights to your image, except that they may not be commercialised or resold on the open market, Ford adds.

That’s great value. You can print or reproduce your image, for personal use, in as many ways and as many times as you choose. You will be the registered owner. You can also gift somebody an image and make them the registered owner.

Only 12 images will be available in each series, each in an edition of six. That means the purchaser’s image is exclusive. Once each series is sold out these images will only ever be available again if a collector decides to sell.

“Your artwork will gain value as each new series produced will be sold at an increase in value of 10%. At any given time the value of all images in the collection will be informed by the current selling price. By the time we reach Series 8 the value of images from Series 1 will have doubled,” says Ford.

“If you choose to sell your image you will have 6andOut HQ to assist you. Your image will be entered back onto our database for resale at the current value. All people in the print register will be notified of images up for resale.”

Visit the site and take a look at what is on offer:

Billy Suter,