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Friday, May 22, 2020


(Guy Buttery & Kanada Narahari)

Guy Buttery has released a brand new video directed by his long-time friend Tyrone Bradley, starring the impressive performance artist, Leilah Kirsten. Amidst these bizarre times of self-isolation, the video for Sonokota (from my recent album Nāḍī with Kanada Narahari) offers up a cosmic study of the duality of self, powerfully realised by what Buttery describes as "some of South Africa’s raddest creatives".

Commenting on the lockdown state of affairs, Buttery says: “A bizarre and perplexing time to say the least. I found myself entering creativity overload during this rather uncertain period. I've been working on loads of new music as well as revisiting a ton of older video and live recordings sitting in the archives which has been keeping me sane. So far. A bunch of which I have been sharing on social media. Whatever it is keeping the wheels turning, keep it up and know that this too shall pass.

“The dance of our various selves, navigating our many facets in closer proximity than maybe ever before, seems apt given the context of this global lock down,” Buttery adds.

The track also features some of South Africa's finest musicians including Thandi Ntuli, Shane Cooper and Ronan Skillen.

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