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Tuesday, May 26, 2020


Well-known Durban theatre technician, Megan Holder (nee Levy), has started a cleaning service titled Megan’s Technical Services.

She explains: “According to the most recent gazette published by the Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, all equipment used in theatres, studios and associated store rooms need to be deep-cleaned according to government regulation. As this is highly specialised gear, very few organisations are equipped to handle these cleaning demands.

“As we all begin to phase ourselves back into the workplace, the need to deep-clean our working environments has become a legal requirement as part of our commitment to safety and preparedness. Most organisations are proactively pursuing cleaning solutions for buildings and public spaces, but very few of these companies offer a comprehensive service aimed at cleaning touch-contact electronic and entertainment technology.

“Microphones, sound desks, music stands and computers can be a breeding ground for bacteria. These devices are used in front of our mouths or are touched by our hands all the time. The germs and viruses left on these surfaces can remain infectious for as long as 48 hours or more depending on how much moisture is present. Further to that, very few organisations have a regular cleaning schedule for this kind of gear, and most technical equipment in a theatre has never been cleaned. To use a specific example - if you are required to host an assembly in your school hall, the microphone, its cable, stand, lectern and the sound desk operated by a technician will, according to regulation, need to be cleaned after every use.”

Megan's Technical Services offers clients a comprehensive cleaning solution for all specialised technical, electronic, theatrical and entertainment technologies in the school or workplace. The team of qualified and certified technicians, fully equipped with their own PPE (including 3-layer cloth masks, Perspex face visors, disposable gloves and disposable propylene shoe covers) will deep-clean specialised equipment on-site, using SABS 1853 compliant medical grade sanitisers and equipment to kill Coronavirus on contact.

“All of our products are alcohol-based instant sanitisers for total germ control in HACCP and other hygiene environments. Our products also kill 99,999% of all known bacteria and are effective against mould and mildew,” Holder adds.

PACKAGE A is offered to clean all regular-use technical gear, PACKAGE B is designed as a full rig maintenance programme, and we also offer a curtain cleaning facility. Technicians will assist in training a designated staff member in the proper protocols for cleaning touch-contact gear in the future, and each client will receive a complimentary Cleaning Maintenance Pack (worth R250) to ensure that personal cleaning of equipment takes place according to government regulation.

For more information contact Megan Holder on 082 253 4450 or email: