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Sunday, May 31, 2020


Have you exhausted your bookshelves at home? Are you looking for some fresh and affordable books?

One of the ongoing projects of the Denis Hurley Centre is the Street Lit initiative, supported by the Booksellers of Mzanzi. A dozen men and women, all of whom were at one point homeless and are now living in shelters and hostels, earn a living through selling books donated to the project. Typically, they sold at events, concerts, public spaces, galleries and markets – which of course have not been operational during Lockdown.

To support them, a selection of the books on line for purchase has been put up on:

Delivery / collection of purchased books can be arranged.

“Similarly, if you know of any places where books can be sold, please let us know! We are looking for appropriate places for our vendors to set up, as many of our usual opportunities won’t be functional for a while! Please contact me for more information,” says Illa Thompson, who is handling the publicity for the project. Her email address is