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Thursday, May 14, 2020


(Left: Tony Cox)

Acclaimed guitarist Tony Cox’s series of Saturday workshops discussing the 15 scores in his book, Fingerstyle for Africa, is going “wonderfully well”.

The guitar workshop, Fingerstyle for Africa - Bluegrass Safari will be live-streamed on Saturday, May 16, at 14h00.

“Big thanks to all the good peeps who've tuned in so far over the last two workshops,” he says. “I am having such fun doing these for the guitar fundis out there. Number 3 in the series, Bluegrass Safari, is in the wings for this Sat 16 May at 2pm, South Africa-time. Bluegrass Safari is a speed-freak tune, all on the right hand. What the left does is fairly simple, so it's all about right hand finger-picking speed. Sounds good slow, too. This is the tune I'll be workshopping this coming Saturday - visit