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Saturday, June 6, 2020


The work of artist Trayci Tompkins  who is based in the KZN Midlands, can now be found on a UK-based website.

Tompkins explains her new status:

 “I recall the first time I put my ceramic work out for sale. It was at a group exhibition at the prestigious Tatham Art Gallery in Pietermaritzburg. It was only one. A little black and yellow pot with a wonky Aztec design. But for me, it held the start of ‘Who knows where this will lead me’. Fortunately, I still have this little gem after my husband proudly purchased it as soon as the exhibition opened, “in case anyone else realized its value” he said!

 “Today I sit in a similar place with the launch as the UK based website goes live with an international shopping cart.

 “This is the first time my paintings will be exhibited on any platform together for sale alongside a group of abstract artists from across the world. As some of you may know, I’ve been painting my way through an 18 month sabbatical. It’s been remarkable, affording me time to pause and connect to what it is that I really want to say with my art. I took away the pressure of ‘making art to sell’ … so what you see is now is ‘my voice’ within the layers of texture, collage and paint. There are stories, emotions and captured moments of life for us all to celebrate or recall in our own way - this is what I love most about abstract figurative expression...”

Because of postal restrictions, and to make her work affordable to all who connect with it, she has settled on quality fine art Giclée prints, which will be printed and dispatched worldwide from the UK.

(SA orders directly from Tompkins at for pricing)

 Tompkins adds: “It’s a great solution, but one that has taken weeks of research to make sure we get the best quality reproduction. I’m feeling completely chuffed with the results and grateful to everyone who has encouraged and supported me along this journey.

 “I hope you’ll check out the website or share this with your friends.. and click on my link … (and maybe support me with a purchase!) and if you’re a South African resident you can DM me for both original and quality print prices ... which will really make today even more significant.”

 For more information, visit