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Thursday, June 4, 2020


In March, Durban based photographer, Niamh Walsh-Vorster, had the opportunity to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo, as funded by the KwaZulu-Natal Christian Council (KZNCC).

During this lockdown period, the KZNCC have been part of driving the COVID-19 HOPE VOUCHERS.

An e-book is being sold online to raise funds toward their vouchers. The e-book is R250, with R205 going toward the KZNCC HOPE VOUCHERS fund. The publication includes, 50 pages with photographs, an artist statement, a foreword by Dave Mann and write up by Youlendree Appasamy.

 Foreword by Dave Mann:

"The city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, where the photographer Niamh Walsh-Vorster lives and works, is frequently characterised by its vibrant colour and choreography: The brightly painted facades of its buildings, the lush greens and seas-side blues, the movement of the inner-city, beachfront promenades, and leafy highways and overpasses. These lively hues and everyday movements have had a profound impact on the way Niamh views the world around her, and have informed much of how she goes about interpreting and replicating colour and form inside of the photographic frame.

While her early formal education in photojournalism and anthropology allows for the urgency, immediacy, and innate curiosity one can find in her images, her subsequent training in fine art photography can be found in the ways she considers and engages with an image, before, during, and after its creation. It is this simultaneous drive to document and make sense of the world around her through image-making, coupled with a deep empathy for the individuals in her work – friends, family, and strangers alike – that serve as the foundations of her photographic work.

In this series, photographed over the course of a few brief and bustling days in Rwanda and The Democratic Republic of Congo, Niamh manages to elicit the colour and the choreography of both of these places in a short, sharp, and rich photographic project. The images in this publication form a collection of lively visual vignettes, each one created on the move, and many of them bearing witness – if only for a moment – to the shape and form of cities in motion. The result is something like a whirlwind journey articulated in the short-form – brief photographic missives fired off in the small moments between the next meeting, flight, hotel room, and taxi ride."

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