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Saturday, June 27, 2020


While cities around the world are wrestling with sustainable living in the urban environment, The Baobab of Durban has launched to promote education, skills development and innovation in sustainable and responsible practices. The goal is to positively impact the environment and people in Durban through economic participation, empowerment and practical outreach programmes.

The project commenced in March 2020 and focuses on equipment and training programmes including the “Plasticpreneur recycling studio”, the “innovative waste design” programme and “my ‘lil pumpkin” education programme for children, as well as “zero-waste living” community building programme.

Construction works are taking place to create a venue in Durban, in a second phase anticipated for December 2020 that will include a modern cafe and event space introducing aspects of urban farming, community participation and hands-on workshops. The Baobab of Durban will be open to all citizens, with key programmes focused on unemployed youth, school children in underserved communities, eco-conscious consumers and small businesses. 

The space will be a hotspot for networking around the green economy, bringing together citizens, young and old, NGO’s, startups, SMME’s, local government, and large companies all interested in working towards a more sustainable future.

Join the Baobab community for the digital launch and live stream event on June 27 between 09h00 and 12 noon. The event will include online eco-living DIY activities, such as growing your own food, turning your kitchen scraps into organic compost, worm farming, living soil, aquaponics, tips for doing resource efficiency at home, mindfulness, whole foods & plant-based food, artisanal sourdough bread, homemade yogurt, coconut culture, making beer at home, as well as inspiring testimonies of local NGOs and international leaders in sustainable living.

The project is broadcasting live every week on Fridays between 14h00 and 15h00 connecting, educating and entertaining people through its social media channels:

The project website is available at

The Baobab of Durban has been co-created by The Maker Space Foundation NPC and Veolia – through its subsidiary Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies South Africa (Pty) Ltd and Dolphin Coast Landfill Management (Pty) Ltd – and with the support of the Veolia Foundation. It is inspired by similar projects with L’Oasis in Niamey and La Recyclerie in Paris. Veolia has been instrumental in supporting local change makers and co-founding these community projects.

Over the next three years the programme hopes to:

-Launch 3 more Plasticpreneur recycling studios,

-Empower 30 entrepreneurs,

-Train 300 women and unemployed youth as recycling technologists,

-Transform 3,000kg of waste into useful products,

-Reach 30,000 visitors and participants in outreach programs,

-Reach 300,000 people through online training programs and social media.

For more information contact Sophie Hayes: or 072 156 8394.