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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


The National Arts Council (NAC) has approved R29.3-million in funding to help more than 200 individuals and arts organisations make their projects come to life in the era of Covid-19.

The NAC has now finalised its project funding allocations across all five of its programmes, bringing the total of South African artists or arts bodies funded this year to 209.

This figure comprises

-58 applications approved for Arts platforms, showcases, exhibitions and festivals;

-32 projects funded under Social cohesion and nation-building;

-47 projects funded under Innovation, design and creation;

-46 projects funded under Capacity building; and

-26 projects funded under Strategic initiatives.

Each of the five funding programmes was allocated between R5.6-million and R5.9-million, as part of the NAC’s mandate to “fund the arts for impact”.

This year’s NAC project funding call was amended to enable South Africa’s artistic and creative community to formulate proposals to create art that incorporates digital innovation, as arts consumption habits change in the face of the pandemic.

The full list of arts organisations receiving funding may be accessed on the NAC website. The NAC remains committed to assisting South Africa’s artists during this difficult time, and undertakes to continue “funding for impact” to help the sector navigate the rocky economic terrain that lies ahead.