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Friday, August 7, 2020



DStv movie highlights for August 7 to 13, 2020:

(Judi Dench stars in “Red Joan”)



Bombshell (Drama)

August 9 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 20h05 (Express to Showmax)

In a post #MeToo world, this movie tells the provocative real story of Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson and fictional character Kayla Pospisil. The three whip-smart, ambitious female news anchors at media empire Fox News set out to expose the man who made them famous, making headlines in the process.


The Neighbour in the Window (Thriller)

August 10 on Lifetime (DStv Channel 131) at 20h05

Inspired by the book False Victim by Kathie Truitt, The Neighbour in the Window is a chilling tale of a neighbourly relationship gone wrong. Highlighting concerns about privacy and what can happen when a neighbour invades your space, protagonist Karen (played by Jamie-Lynn Sigler of The Sopranos fame) relocates to Washington where her life unravels as she finds out the true agenda of beautiful and charming neighbour Lisa.


Red Joan (Spy Drama)

August 9 on M-Net Movies Premiere (DStv Channel 104) at 20h15

Academy award-winner Judi Dench delivers an emotion-inducing performance as senior citizen Joan Starley who is arrested and charged with conspiring against her country. Based on a novel of the same name, Red Joan’s titular character is based on Melita Norwood, a secretary of the British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association who allegedly supplied the Soviet Union with nuclear secrets.


Queen of Katwe (Drama)

August 9 on BET (DStv Channel 129) at 21h00

The film that shot Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o into the spotlight, Queen of Katwe is the inspirational true story of chess prodigy, Phiona Mutesi. After a chance meeting with a soccer coach at a missionary programme, who introduces her to the game of chess, Phiona becomes a top player with an opportunity to escape from her life of poverty.


The Next Karate Kid (Action)

August 9 on TNT (DStv Channel 137) at 18h15

A staple of martial arts movies, the Karate Kid movies inspired many a Nineties’ kid to take up karate. The Next Karate Kid is the fourth instalment in the series released in 1994 and sees Mr Miyagi taking in a troubled teenager, Julie, portrayed by Hilary Swank. Swank’s portrayal of Julie, whose take-no-prisoners attitude empowered and encouraged young girls, is seen as her breakout performance.


G I Jane (Action)

August 9 on TNT (DStv Channel 137) at 20h00

Even as main character Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil, played by Demi Moore, declares that she’s ‘not interested in being some poster girl for women’s rights’, she motivated an entire generation of girls to battle against the odds for what they want. The film follows Jordan’s journey to becoming a Navy SEAL even as everyone expects her to fail.




Capone (Crime Drama)

Available from Friday, August 7

Tom Hardy transforms as the 47-year-old gangster Al Capone in this biographical crime drama. After spending 10 years in prison, Capone succumbs to dementia, reliving his violent past through tormented memories.


Run This Town (Drama)

Available from Sunday, August 9

Recounting the turbulent year of Rob Ford’s tenure as Mayor of Toronto in 2013, Run This Town’s success goes far beyond its talented cast, which features The Vampire Diaries’ Nina Dobrev. The political scandal that lies at the premise of the film is second only to its scathing yet correct portrayal of backroom politics.


Swimming for Gold (Family)

Available from Monday, August 10

Disney graduate Peyton List stars as young elite swimmer Claire who is sent to Australia to coach a boys’ swim team following a jet ski accident. On arrival at the swim camp, Claire is forced to room with her long-time rival and enemy Mikayla (Lauren Esposito) while harbouring a secret fear.


The Rest of Us (Drama)

Available from Friday, August 7

Single mother Cami and her daughter reluctantly take in her ex-husband’s second wife and daughter when his untimely death leaves his new family homeless. As the mother-daughter duos contend with their grief, they must also unravel the complicated relationships they have with the person they’ve lost and each other.




(Left: Ashley Walters & Noel Clarke in “Bulletproof”)

 Bulletproof S2 (New season)

Monday, August 10 on Universal TV (DStv Channel 117) at 20h00

Season two of this unmissable crime drama is packed full of action. Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters return as Aaron Bishop and Ronnie Pike, childhood friends from different backgrounds who now work together for the UK’s National Crime Agency. In the explosive season opener, a chance discovery leads to the duo being sent undercover to infiltrate the Markides family, a notorious international crime gang.


Perry Mason S1

Available from August, 7 on Showmax

In a remake of the 1950s hit TV show, Matthew Rhys portrays a down-and-out defence lawyer in 1932 Los Angeles, United States. Based on the novels and short stories of Erle Stanley Gardner, the show follows Perry Mason (Rhys) as he tries to put the pieces together of the abduction and gruesome murder of a young boy.


Agatha Raisin S3

August, 7 on BBC First (DStv Channel 119) at 20h00

Starring Emmy®-nominated actress Ashley Jensen (Ugly Betty) and based on M C Beaton’s bestselling novels, Season 3 sees London PR whizz turned amateur sleuth becoming entangled in mischief, mayhem and murder in the small village of Cotswold.


Riverdale S4

Saturdays from August 8 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 21h00

Archie and the gang are back for another conspiracy-ridden season. The opening episode takes a turn at explaining the untimely death of Archie’s dad, portrayed by late actor Luke Perry, while the town prepares for the first Fourth of July celebration in three years.


Katy Keene S1

August 8 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 20h45

Pretty Little Liars’ fans will be pleased with the return of Lucy Hale in this Riverdale spin-off. Aspiring designer Katy, played by Hale, reconnects with Josie (of Josie and the Pussycats, played by Ashleigh Murray in Riverdale) in New York City, where they – along with an aspiring Broadway star Jorge and the mysterious Pepper Smith – try to make their dreams come true.


(Right: Sophie Skelton & Richard Rankin in “Outlander”)

 Outlander S5

Saturdays from August 8 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 22h00

The historical drama that has our eyes glued to our screens returns for a fifth season. The wedding of Brianna (Sophie Skelton) and Roger (Richard Rankin) is held at Fraser’s Ridge, bringing all the characters together for a celebration before the impending Revolutionary War. However, the celebratory mood is dampened by a mandate from a powerful political figure in North Carolina and a shocking revelation about a long-standing adversary.


The Candidate

Weekdays from August 11 on Fox Life (DStv Channel 126) at 16h40

Feed your passion for Latin TV with the latest telenovela on Fox Life. The Candidate tells the story of a woman’s decision to challenge her corrupt politician husband for the role of president. As one of the most high-profile telenovelas on screen at the moment, it’s a must-see for any fan.


Black Lightning S3

Tuesdays from August 11 on 1Magic (DStv Channel 103) at 20h30

DC Universe’s fantasy drama is back, but Freeland is now under martial law and completely separated from the rest of the world by a force field. Staying true to its roots, the show unabashedly addresses societal and systemic issues regarding race, class and privilege – all while fighting for justice in a superhero’s cape.


(Left: Tom-Bateman plays John-Beecham in “Beecham House”)

Beecham House S1

Thursdays from August 13 on M-Net (DStv Channel 101) at 22h00

A historical drama set in 1975, Tom Bateman (Vanity Fair) portrays the enigmatic, soulful John Beecham. The six-part series follows Beecham’s quest to start a new life for himself in Delhi, India, all the while harbouring a secret he hopes will never be revealed.


Barkskins S1

Thursday, August 13 on National Geographic (DStv Channel 181) at 20h40

Based on the New York Times best-selling novel by Pulitzer Prize-winner Annie Proulx, Barkskins follows a disparate group of outcasts and dreamers who are battling to escape their pasts while navigating the brutal frontier hardships, competing interests and entangled loyalties at the crossroads of civilisation.




(Left: Reggie Yates)

Reggie Yates meets World S1

Thursday, August 13 on BBC Brit (DStv Channel 120) at 20h00

This eye-opening series sees British actor, presenter and DJ Reggie Yates travel far and wide to examine promises of the new world for young people facing uncertain futures. With knife crime at an all-time high, Reggie begins his quest by visiting SPAC Nation, a new London church that offers youth in gangs a way out of crime. Later on, he also travels to Lagos, Nigeria, to see how the burgeoning film industry – known as Nollywood – can be a way out of poverty in a country with the biggest wealth divide in the world.


The Persians: A History of Iran S1

August 7 on BBC Earth (DStv Channel 184) at 19h00

A fascinating insight into the complex history of the world’s first empire, Persia. The series reveals historical and cultural sites and artefacts across Iran that few Westerners have ever seen. Learn about the Shahnameh, one of the most important books in Iran’s history, used by kings as propaganda but also by modern-day Iranians as a way to connect with their Persian heritage. Or look inside the ancient Zoroastrian fire temple, home to a fire said to have been burning for more than 1,500 years.


Witness: Dead Woman’s Pass

August 9 on Al Jazeera (DStv Channel 406) at 22h30

An award-winning short film series, Al Jazeera’s Witness brings world issues to the fore through compelling human stories. Dead Woman’s Pass, which has been selected for competition at the Austin Film Festival and Palm Springs International Film Festival, follows an indigenous woman’s journey to her ancestral home in the Peruvian Andes, where she is forced to confront her past.