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Friday, August 14, 2020


An Introduction to Set Design with Greg King

Award-winning South African set designer Greg King has been designing and building sets, props and puppets for the Durban-based KickstArt Theatre Company and others for over 20 years. Now you and your Drama or Art class, or any interested group, can meet him online to learn about his personal approach to set designing, from design concept, drawing and model making, to set construction, scenic painting, set dressing and more.

Referring to dozens of production photos from KickstArt’s many plays, musicals and pantomimes, Greg will take your online group on an inspiring journey into the theatre workshop and behind the scenes to explore his creative process. Informal, informative and fun, with backstage stories, anecdotes and lots of Q and A.

Meetings will be conducted on Zoom, online. This requires that you have a good internet connection with reliable Wi-Fi, and a device/devices with a microphone and camera (either phone, lap-top or PC.)

King’s set presentation is 40 minutes long, and offers learners a brief overview of the following:

-           The role of the designer in theatre,

-           The creative process of designing a play or musical for theatre,

-           The practical skills and training required to do so.

These will be illustrated with selected production photos, models and drawings from various KickstArt productions.

The presentation will last about 30 minutes with an additional 10 minutes for Q and A.

The presentation can be adapted for any age group from Grade 6 and up, but will probably be of most value to high school learners.

“I am also happy to adapt the presentation to give focus to any particular plays, styles or aspects of theatre design your learners may be studying, or shows that KickstArt has done, so they may get the most value out of the session, says King.

The cost of the presentation is R500, to be fully paid in advance by EFT.

Contact Greg at for further details, and to book your meeting. You can also discuss devising a tailor-made session with him, to suit your group’s particular points of interest to best compliment their studies.

You may book a session anytime from 09h00 to 16h00, Monday to Friday, subject to availability in the booking schedule.

To Book your Session, email him with the following:

-           A time and date that best suits your group.

-           The average age and size of the group.

-           The name of your school or organisation, and which area you are in.

-           Any play titles, aspects of theatre or points of interest your group would like to focus on. (King is familiar with many prescribed plays on various school syllabi, but may also ask you for a script if necessary.)

-           Any other queries or requests relating to the proposed meeting.

King explains: “I will reply with a confirmation of the date and time, and an invoice including my banking details. The meeting will be considered confirmed on receipt of payment.

“I will send a Zoom invitation and code the day before our meeting, which you may share with all the participants. Please ask participants to be punctual and standing by, five minutes before the scheduled time.

“Whilst I shall do my best to accommodate any schedule changes when necessary, please note that any meeting cancelled by your party will not be refunded.

Many thanks for your enquiry. I look forward to meeting you and your group and sharing what I know and love about the theatre!”

For more information on KickstArt Theatre, visit