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Friday, August 28, 2020


My favourite type of mystery, one where the killer is not immediately evident, with several twists in the plot to unravel. (Review by Christine Hann)

Liar is set in the 1970’s in West London. Renowned British author of fiction Lesley Pearce paints the story with references to the culture, music, books, shows and personalities of that era. This is true of all the books she writes, which all feature her easy to read style, an art that makes her a popular, established author across several generations of readers. She started her writing career at 49, after having worked her way through several jobs, including nanny, bunny girl, dressmaker and a full time Mother. Pearce lives in Devon and is a mother to three daughters and four grandchildren. Liar is her 28th book.

Some of her other books are The Promise, Trust Me, Rosie, The Woman in the Wood.

The main character of Liar is one Amelia White, who escapes from an abusive family background, and creates a new life, eventually becoming an independent self-supporting woman of the early 70’s. She has embraced the hippie era, and is now enjoying the mini-skirts, hair and makeup of the 70’s, whilst living a single life in her bedsit in Godolphin Road, a street of Victorian three-story homes with basements, made into self-contained flatlets or bedsits like Amelia’s.

One day Amelia sets out for work (she sells advertising space in a weekly newspaper, but dreams of being a writer / journalist.) and spots a gorgeous pair of new white boots sticking out of the rubbish. She goes to look, and instead of a lovely find, discovers the murdered body of a pretty young woman. In her horror, she stumbles into the arms of what is to become her new man, Max. Amelia’s boss senses a story, and sends Amelia to the family of the murdered girl. Amelia writes a sensitive front-page scoop on the girl and her background, which is the envy of many of her colleagues. Has she released her dream of being a writer?

What follows are more murders and intrigue, with Amelia and Max working to find out who the killer is, with more journalistic opportunities presenting themselves in the course of events. But, sadly Max (who is frequently away on business, or off playing sport) and Amelia’s friend Kat (a successful Harrods buyer) are both not what they seem to be, and Amelia almost becomes one of the murderer’s victims.

Liar is a good read that in true Lesley Pearce style is hard to put down, from start to finish. My favourite type of mystery, one where the killer is not immediately evident, with several twists in the plot to unravel.

Liar is published in paperback by Penguin Random HouseUK – 2020. ISBN 9780241426616. Recommended price R310. – Christine Hann