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Tuesday, August 18, 2020


(“Mood of Dreaming” by Lindani Nyandeni)

Durban artist seeks his mother's comfort in his latest body of work.

Lindani Nyandeni, a 28 year-old emerging artist, born, bred and currently residing in Umlazi, Durban, showcases his art practice at KZNSA Art Gallery as part of KZNSA's second Young Artists’ Project this year.

His work is a visual exploration of his childhood experiences, having lost his mother at the age of six. Nyandeni received a lot of support from his grandmother and his mother's family but in his life there has always been a yearning and empty space for his mother. 

This exhibition showcases what he explains as what he could only wonder how life would have been like if he grew up around her warmth and teachings.

(“Pragrade in Light Spirit” by Lindani Nyandeni)

"My work is a visual narrative of my unlimited thoughts, feelings and the void she left in my life. Through my work I feel closer to her, I get to celebrate, appreciate and seek comfort when society becomes cold." says Nyandeni.

The symbols he employs are metaphorical to the perspective and used to view life in general and they aesthetically manifest themselves in comforting his inner peace.

For more about the exhibition visit and follow @Lindani_Nyandeni on Instagram. The exhibition runs at KZNSA until August 16, 2020.