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Thursday, September 10, 2020


Based on the bedtime stories that Durban-based actor and director Patrick Owen Kenny dreamed up for his daughter, Anna, Dudu & Buffalo includes the charming fun-filled adventures of a little girl and her very best friend, an African buffalo.

Taxi Driver Joe and the Almost Wedding Disaster – Dudu has the biggest friend in the world, an African Buffalo who was adopted into her family as a calf. Join Dudu and Buffalo as they help get Taxi Driver Joe to the wedding on time.

Taxi Driver Joe And The Almost Wedding Disaster is written and directed by Kenny and narrated by Shannon Kenny with additional voicing by Anna and Patrick Kenny.

Sound Design is by Alan Judd of Leopard Moon Studios where the production was recorded. Original music composed and performed by Alan Judd and the theme tune is by Shannon Kenny and Alan Judd. Illustration is by Tracey Nuss

The production is online at the National Arts Festival at