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Monday, October 19, 2020


This is a book for everyone, even those who feel they have got their act together. (Review by Christine E Hann)

Author Edith Eger has released her latest book, The Gift – 12 Lessons to Save Your Life.

Dr Edith Eger is an eminent psychologist, and one of the few remaining Holocaust survivors old enough to remember life in the camps. She has worked with veterans, military personnel and victims of physical and mental trauma. She lives in La Jolla, California, and is a wife, mother and grandmother. Her age – impressive.

The Gift has 12 life lessons that lead up to the final chapter, The Gift itself. The author ends each chapter with keys to support you through each lesson. There are relevant examples from the author’s own personal experiences as well as those of her clients (with names and details changed) that reinforce the messages she shares.

This is a book for everyone, even those who feel they have got their act together. Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and many others prize Edith Eger’s writings, her life, her story and the inspiration she has within her, to share with us all.

A few (of many) pertinent lines from the book:

 -           You are the only one you will have for a lifetime. All other relationships end.

-           Choose how you talk to yourself.

-           If you have something to prove, then you are still a prisoner.

-           Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be right?

-           Would you like to be married to you?

I was inspired by the author, and the book. I found myself taking notes so that the messages that were important to me would not be forgotten. I even went out and bought her first book, as I just couldn’t miss out on what Dr Eger has to say. Do yourself the honour, find the time, read the book, and discover more about yourself and life.

Other books by the author include The Choice, an award winning best-seller.

The Gift – 12 Lessons to Save Your Life is published by Penguin Random House UK – 2020 - Christine E Hann