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Monday, November 23, 2020


Arts & Culture Trust (ACT) CEO, Marcus Desando facilitates a virtual book review of ACT Lifetime Achievement Award Winner for 2020, Professor Angelo Gobbato, on Wednesday, November 25, 2020.

The DaVinci Institute offers an invitation to The Da Vinci Institute’s first book review. “We seek to encourage the Da Vinci community, to be curious, by delving into literature, probing and seeking relevant truths in the works of Professor Angelo Gobbato, a visionary, who was instrumental in spearheading the Cape Town Opera, helped discover some of the most remarkable operatic talent in the genre and was key in the transformation of South African opera to encompass all South Africans,” explain the organisers.

(Prof Angelo Gobbato)

Professor Angelo Gobbato – former Artistic Director and CEO of Cape Town Opera, as well as Emeritus Professor at the University of Cape Town Opera School – is an internationally acclaimed stage Director of opera, and “Father of Opera in South Africa”. Prof Gobbato is also widely acknowledged as having helped opera to flourish in South Africa by his prolific creative abilities and unrestrained efforts as an agile leader and visionary in opera; a meaningful contribution that has garnered international interest and recognition. He is the author of the book Passion for Opera, which was first published by Staging Post in 2018.

Da Vinci Alumnus Marcus Desando will be the facilitator of this online book review, interviewing Prof Gobbato on his remarkable memoir titled Passion for Opera, an insightful work detailing the history of this live art form; detailed in it are the intricacies of running an arts institution while persuading potential sponsors to assist in keeping the operatic culture in South Africa alive. Something that Prof Gobbato as a managerial leader of a non-profit organisation was often challenged by.

(Marcus Desando)

Marcus Desando’s passion for the arts originated as a singer, which subsequently led him to attaining and proving his remarkability through leadership roles such as stage directing, and a guest lecturer at the University of Cape Town, University of Stellenbosch, Tshwane University of Technology and University of KwaZulu-Natal (OSCA). Marcus has also served as a panelist at the Voices of South Africa International Opera Singing Competition in 2015, International Hans Gabor Belvedere Singing Competition (hosted for the first time outside Europe in South Africa, Cape Town) in 2016, as well as the SAMRO Overseas Scholarships Competition for Singers in 2019.

The DaVinci Institute looks forward to those interested to join them to hear Prof Gobbato himself discussing his leadership journey, and a chance to gain some perspective on arts leadership from an agile, aligned and engaged leader of the industry.

The review will be presented online on Wednesday November 25, 2020, from 15h30 to 16h30. 

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